My two mocks via Fanspeak

Hello fellow POD'ers long time viewer here. I just got back from a 6 month deployment and of course I'm loving the traditional mocking of the drafts so I decided to do a few. This is the first time I've done these so please take it easy on me wise ones lol.

My first draft went by fairly quickly I was just trying to get a feel for the site. But i was fortunate enough to receive a gift for my very first pick so I bring to you Rome's very first mock draft.

10 WR SAMMY WATKINS(CLEMSON )- Name a play speaks for itself no doubt a dream many of us are hoping for.

45 TE AUSTIN SEFERIAN-JENKINS(WASHINGTON)- thought about safety here. not really sure what's going to happen in FA he had a crappy combine but dude can ball.

76 OLB JORDAN TRIPP(MONTANA)- I believe he is a sleeper in this draft has good range and measurements.

107 C WESTON RICHBURG (COLORADO STATE)-the pickings for C were pretty slim for some reason at this point so I grabbed the b.a

173 S BROCK VEREEN (MINNESOTA)- I think they will fill this need in F.A he would be a good project had a good combine has nice measurements. Could be just need a year or two to develop.

204 QB CONNOR SHAW (SOUTH CAROLINA )- We might lose Hill. You could go any which way with the last two picks. I grabbed a decent qb because there is no garuntee we'll find one as a UDFA Should push Moore.

After having so much fun with my first mock I did another one. This one may not be as good as the first one but I made due with the limited knowledge I had of the prospects I was looking at. In this one I was not gifted Sammy or Mack or Barr for some reason. So instead of cb like every seems to want I went on the back end.

10 S CALVIN PRYOR (LOUISVILLE )- People feel we need a cover S. I think quin can handle that role while Pryor enforces may be a delmas 2.0 but he hasn't had any injury concerns and is more built for the punishment he lays out.

45 TE AUSTIN SEFERIAN-JENKINS (WASHINGTON) - I know its a repeat pick. I was praying for J. Mathews or Robinson but they went in the bottom of the first so I went back to the T.E position.

76 WR MARTAVIS BRYANT( CLEMSON )- I know many view him as the "other" receiver at Clemson but I think he's capable of making a niche in the lions offense has size and speed. While not flashy like his counter part he was pretty productive.

107 C RUSSELL BODINE( NORTH CAROLINA)- I have no idea how this freak of a C made it to the 4th maybe a glitch on the website but I'll take it lol.

173 OLB JORDAN TRIP- This was a mistake pick I chose the DE from Louisville or at least i thought I did lol. MONTANA

204 WR TEVIN REESE(BAYLOR)- This kid has amazing measurements and I think will develop into a very nice compliment I view him as an under the radar pick, and will take time to come into his own, he has the athletic ability

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