A case for Ebron

Hello this is my first post here and I hope you enjoy reading it. I look forward to your views not only on the post but also the lions offseason plans and news.

First off I will say to the eventual poster who says Ebron is not worth the 10th pick that I agree and I would like it more if we traded back and still got him. But recent mocks have had Ebron going as high as 7th!! So who knows what his value is around the league.

Ok for this plan to work we have to start with the FA period where im going to purpose a plan I have not seen yet and it goes like this.

1. Top signing should be a safety. Of course I would like Byrd or Ward and I believe if your gonna spend some money you should do it on the defense and safety is our need at this point. Hopefully the lions dip here and get a solid player.

2. This is were my plan changes from others I have seen. Ok next need should be a WR but not only do I think they should sign one player but I believe they should sign 2 and the 2 I'm thinking of are Nicks and Edelman but im not against other guys like Roberts or Tate. I don't think the big money should be spent on Decker, like I stated if big money is spent I'm hoping it will be on a Safety. I will explain why two wr's in a bit.

With those signings you take care of three starters and your safety tandem is set and your receiver position is in much better shape. Any other FA signings would be in my opinion depth players, unless they land a top CB but for the sake of this post we will keep it with the 3 signings.

On to the draft. I have played through many scenarios here and have many ideas on moving back in the draft and also trading players for extra picks. But for this post I will just keep our draft the way it sits.

1st pick is of course Ebron. This works a lot easier if Watkins and Mack are gone, same goes for the top tackles. If any of them are there of course this pick then becomes a lot harder to make.

2nd pick at this point I think is a luxury pick. Think about it you got your safety and you signed two solid receivers and now you got a top end TE. What do you take here? Maybe you snag another receiver and run 4 wide sets, doesn't sound bad but it doesn't make much sense to me when the draft is loaded with WR to waste your 2nd pick on a 3rd or 4th WR depth wise. To me you take BPA and that will lead to solid depth or maybe a surprise starter maybe you find another Warford which makes Sims expendable or maybe a better LB or D-LINE player will be sitting there for us to plug in. To me that should cause all lions fans to smile.

3rd pick is the pick that you circle back on and grab one of the WR. Think Moncrief or whoever you personally like I have heard cases for all of them. That to me does two things it gives you insurance in case says Nicks doesn't pan out and if everything does work out it gives you the ability to spread the field and really watch our offense shine, I mean think about it who do you cover? you can't cover CJ Nicks Edelman Moncrief Bush or Bell and Ebron all at once. Sounds explosive to me.

4th pick is the spot for your future center, take your pick of who

Any picks after to me are just building depth and maybe if we get lucky finding a contributing player. I'd focus on the trenches and of course defense is always needed.

Offense after these moves could look like this

QB. Stafford

HB. Bush and Bell

WR. Johnson and Nicks Plus Edelman and Moncrief

TE. Ebron and Fauria

Pretty solid skill player set. Your thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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