Detroit Lions Draft Theories

The draft is only a few weeks away, many of us are getting really hyped about it and there are theories, rumours and predictions coming from everywhere. I have seen some absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic ones out there, but I am going to list the most common theories and give a likely prediction of which ones might actually happen. After half a year of following the draft closely, here it goes:

1. Smokescreen

The classic one, the old 'they are just hiding their interest', well that's what a lot of you think about our interest in Sammy Watkins. Well, if it is just a smokescreen it is way too elaborate: Dinner with his family, Combine, Pro Day interview, Private Workout, Meeting with our owner and being introduced to many popular figures around the club.

Verdict: It is simply not a smokescreen and we do have an immense of interest in acquiring Sammy Watkins via trade, the only possible way it could be one is if we are after Clowney or Mack and are looking at Watkins as a fall back if he is not there.

2. Trade Up

Martin Mayhew stated 'There are 5 elite players in this draft, not 10', I am all for us trading up, and it will come at a cost since we would move into the top 5, I would estimate 2014 1st, 2015 2nd, 2014 4th, but you must think of it this way: What percentage of 2-7th round picks become Pro Bowlers and what percentage of Top 5 picks become pro bowlers? There is a clear answer and that is why I am for trading up. But, something interested me a lot, that was a report stating that Jadaveon Clowney had cancelled workouts with 3 teams due to the Brandon Thomas injury (on agent's advice), but he gave the Lions a workout post report, sign much?

Verdict: The most likely due to our lack of interest in mid 1st round prospects and media comments.

3. Trade Down

Trading down is not something many people like, but as Schnard wrote in a recent post, is that one of our FO or Coaching Staff members said this at the Town Hall meeting:

'If the are 5 special players in the draft, you want to be in the top 5. If there are 15, you can trade down but not lower than that number.'

That could be a sign that we will either trade up or down in the upcoming draft if a deal to move up is not made. My tip is the Ravens, Jets or pick-loaded 49ers could trade up for Mike Evans, Justin Gilbert or Jake Matthews, maybe even Anthony Barr.

Verdict: Not as likely as trading up, but that quote really made me think about it and considering that Gilbert, Dennard, Fuller, Pryor and Clinton Dix will likely be available, it sounds appealing to grab a day 2 pick in this draft.

4. Stay

After all the public comments and lack of interest in the prospects in the #10 spot range, I would it list this as unlikely that we stay in our current spot.

Final Verdict

The Detroit Lions will move up with Cleveland, Jacksonville (unlikely) or St Louis in order to get Watkins, but if Clowney is still there we will take him, but if it is a draft day trade for Clowney, it will come at a steeper cost.

This FanPost was inspired by Jerry Mallory's recent video and the large reaction it received. Comment your thoughts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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