We need to talk about Suh

So if anyone got the We Need to talk about Kelvin inspired title Kudos to you.

It comes as no surprise to anyone but Suh is a very polarizing figure with both sides being pretty passionate in the extremes on the guy and normally I am not one to engage in these sorts of talks. Trying to sway an opinion on it is like trying to convert a West Baptist member to Buddhism, however the more I think on these views that keep on popping up in the media and among Lions fan the more annoyed I get.

So below is a list of the negatives Suh has "committed" over the years and a thought from me to go with it along with a few counter points. So read on however I have a feeling there may be some Flames appearing in the comments section afterwards

The only on the field thing which Suh has really done which is worthy of condemnation is the Evan Dietrich Smith stomp which he apologized for[] and post the STOMP GATE as it became in the media Smith came out and said he was pulling Suh down and trying to wind him up all game while not an excuse really shows it wasn’t a non-founded act.

The Matt Schaub crotch kick Make up your own minds personally I think Suh ain’t an acrobat or Batman I cant definitely say that was deliberate or not but nobody has that amount of body control.

The John Sullivan chop block. Lets be clear this was debated on here a lot when it happened. The fact that is was A not illegal the previous seasons is not a defense however we came to the conclusion that he didn’t target the legs it was just mistimed, it wasn’t malicious and he apologized to Sullivan and his teammates "Suh spoke with Sullivan at halftime, saying he intended to hit Sullivan in the waist but missed, and apologized to teammates in a team meeting Tuesday morning." (Lifted from a usa today article)

The dirty player stuff. Lets debunk this using statistics Suh had 7 penalties last year (the same amount as Willie Young)Less than the Oakland QB Pyror. The player selected after Suh in the draft and also a very good DT McCoy he had 10 and lead the lead in roughing the passer penalties which Suh didn’t have any off. Last year? Suh had 3 penalties Fairley had 9, the years before both 7 penalties.

The qb ragdolling of Dalton and Cutler The cutler one is laughable lets be honest the Dalton one admittedly wasn’t the nicest play in the world (see Suh mollycoddling Flynn at Thanksgiving for that) but you see worse most weeks in the NFL @Also not that I bitter or anything but@ A play that wasnt fined just FWI

Off the Field Stuff

Traffic Violations While Suh has had a few off these and cant be defended, it does however need pointing out he isn’t alone in the over 20% of US motorists get a speeding ticket each year I couldn’t find one for total offenses. Not only was Suh only cited for these no criminal records where filled and in terms of off season sheniagans with the Law it is fairly minor offenses (See Aldon Smith in fact better yet in the link is a list of all NFL players arrest records since 07 enjoy the lack of Suh. And sorry to keep on harping on this point but a player with a dirty rep and demonized by the press you would assume has a rap sheet to match, but nope.

The pellet gun incident. In the name of Buddha this was a truly ridiculous one enough said

And last but not least the contract talks. Matthew Stafford completed his new deal on the 9 of June last year, well after the Free agency period began to calm down. It is currently the 16 of April and the FO has stated that Suh’s new contract wasn’t imperative to get some holes plugged, that coupled with the much greater rise in the cap than what was previously thought Suh’s cap hit this year had less effect than Stafford pre contract cap last year.

The Good Stuff according to most in the media folk this bit doesn’t exist.

He is very good on the field 3-time Pro Bowler & 2-time First-Team All-Pro, PFT highest Lion draft graded player Monster on the inside frequently occupies two blockers excreta, excreta

No football problems Always shows up in great shape, after previously being too aggressive (allowing him to trapped in the run game) in his first two years is now composed and very rarely is caught out on the PA midsections, draws and so on. Outruns our LB’s if we see Fairley doing that I will gladly eat my novelty St Patrick’s hat.

Off the field stuff

He has his own Charity.

Has been listed the most charitable player in the NFL every year since 2010 and the most of any sports man 2 during the years

He runs a football camp for kids

He works as part of the make a wish foundation for terminally ill kids and has kept in contact with the kid ever since

As physical as Suh is as a player, he has a softer side, and so much of what he’s giving back now has been influenced by his relationship with Kaden Schmale, a courageous young man Suh befriended while playing for the Huskers. Diagnosed with brain cancer at age 6, Kaden lost his 8½-year battle with that pediatric disease in early 2013. Suh, a prominent partner for the well-known Team Jack Foundation, hosted Kaden in his game day suite when the Lions had a riveting comeback win against the St. Louis Rams in the 2012 regular-season opener. Suh also surprised Kaden in his suite after the game and now hosts an individual or a group every game day in a program called SUHper Stars, which was launched and continues to be executed in Kaden’s honor.

The Mission of Suh’s foundation is to "strive for philanthropic success in the community" through programming and considerable donations to education, health and wellness, nutrition and international outreach. Ndamukong and his sister, Ngum, established the family foundation in 2010. As Suh’s career grew, so did his giving platform. His most prominent donation to date, of course, is $2.6 million to the University of Nebraska. But let’s look at the difference his generosity is making in a dozen different ways:

1) SUH’s Crew … Ndamukong hosts groups of children as his personal guests during preseason training camp. It’s an up-close and personal experience that asks kids to fill out a form and tell the foundation why it would be meaningful for them.

2) SUHsday … In Detroit, Tuesdays are SUHsdays because the Lions don’t practice on that day, enabling Ndamukong to reach out and touch the Motor City in every way imaginable.

3) SUHper Stars Game Day Experience … For each home game, the Suh family foundation selects an individual or a group for a special game day experience. Recipients can be chosen through partners like Make-a-Wish, from a story that Suh heard while reaching out in the community or from submissions filtered through his official website, which offers visitors a chance to go Inside the Huddle and win a chance to interview Ndamukong. This particular offering honors Kaden, his little buddy.

4) 90 Backpack Program … Each August, No. 90 identifies 90 students most in need from his target area and donates backpacks that equip them to succeed. The only condition is in exchange for the backpacks, students are asked to sign an Unofficial SUH’s Scholars agreement that encourages them to do their best in school, at home and among friends.

5) Suh Scholarship … As a graduate of UNL’s College of Engineering, Suh has set up an endowment to send a student to the University of Nebraska on a full-ride engineering scholarship.

6) Attendance Challenge … Suh had to change some of his habits to achieve what he did at Nebraska, and now he wants to inspire fourth-grade students to develop positive habits at school. Students must attend class every day for a month to be put in drawing for a SUHperstar Game Day Experience.

7) CAMPSUH … CAMP SUH is a youth football camp which provides both large and small camp size football training. The goal is to learn the fundamentals of the game. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, leadership, effort, and responsibility. Suh plans to expand this experience beyond Detroit and take CAMP SUH to Lincoln and Portland, his hometown in Oregon.

8) Impact Camp at CAMPSUH … Impact Camp is designed to provide the same kind of camp experience to potential greats who may not be able to attend CAMPSUH due to cost. The family foundation select the potential candidates based on the greatest need.

9) Breast Cancer Awareness Month inspired by his Aunt Grace … Inspired by his Aunt Grace’s battle with breast cancer, No. 90 sponsored an inaugural 90 Women in Pink event this month in Detroit to honor women affected by breast cancer. Suh’s aunt completed her Master’s degree in business a month after chemotherapy treatments, Suh’s foundation spreads breast cancer awareness in conjunction with the National Football League’s initiatives.

10) Suh’s Annual Toy Giveaway … Every year during the holiday season, Suh’s foundation partners with the Detroit Medical Center to bring smiles to children in metro Detroit. So far, more than 1,000 toys have been delivered.

11) Girls with Goals … Ngum Suh, Ndamukong’s sister and the director of the Suh Family Foundation, created Girls with Goals. The mission is to increase young women’s participation in team sports and to promote the necessary steps towards their secondary education. Girls with Goals also seeks to encourage student-athletes to strive for academic success, follow their dreams, set a good example for others and succeed at achieving their goals. The program launched at the high school level at the Detroit International Academy for Young Women.

12) International Education Center … Nine years ago, the Suh family started a foundation in Ndamukong’s father’s hometown of Bamenda, Cameroon. Three years ago, the Suh Family Foundation officially adopted the school and donates electronic equipment, books, paper, student uniforms and other items of greatest need on an annual basis. The 119-student school is comparable to elementary schools. A year ago, the foundation also began donating items needed in Spanish Town, Kingston and other Jamaican cities.

So Suh tough on the field, hated by the press for a moment of madness as a young man Is actually the most generous athlete in the NFL, smart as wholly hell, a man who works himself very hard to be the best he can be, has a better police record than Nick his DT buddy, did less harm in free agency to the Lions than Stafford did last year. So why are people against this guy again I do not understand it one little bit. I look forward to reading the flames or hearsay and speculation below.

Peace out POD

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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