What Would Top Draft Options Provide?

After the Darqueze Dennard and Justin Gilbert hype, we have become strongly interested in Aaron Donald, Jadaveon Clowney and Sammy Watkins among others. Let's see what all these potential Lions players could provide to the team.

Jadaveon Clowney - With Clowney we could have the top Front 4 in the league with Ansah, Suh, Fairley and Clowney. It would be impossible to double Suh and Clowney, with freeing someone else up to make a play. We also would have the best run defence out there with Suh, Ansah and Clowney all being stars in the run game.

Sammy Watkins - Would provide Matthew Stafford with another option with Johnson, Tate, Watkins, Fauria, Pettigrew, Bell and Bush. Stafford should excel with a great receiving corps and Fauria developing and not having our RBs as our 2nd and 3rd best receivers.

Khalil Mack - If Devin Taylor excels and Mack performs as advertised, we might have the best 4-3 linebacker corps in the league with Levy, Mack and Tulloch all being versatile players and a strong front 4 stuffing run games and providing additional pressure.

Aaron Donald - With Donald, the Suh and Fairley situations would not be a worry, with him being a workout warrior and dominant player. He could also add some 3-4 looks, playing as a DE along with Suh, but the most important hing he would provide is insurance for Suh and Fairley if no deals are reached and a cheap rookie contract.

Anthony Barr - A raw player, who is new to the position, but he has produced in bunches. We have a major hole at OLB, but the downside is that he is not good in coverage. He could provide additional pass rushing to add to our low sack total.

CJ Mosley - A very versatile player, who could play OLB or take over from Tulloch at MLB in the future. He lead Alabama's defence for years and could be the versatile, every down OLB we are looking for.

Mike Evans - A dominate player at Texas A&M, he has a huge catch radius for Stafford's pour throwing accuracy, and could be the perfect replacement for Megatron. Would open up the field like Watkins.

Eric Ebron - Has Jimmy Graham/Rob Gronkowski potential, could be a star, but drops are an issue.

Greg Robinson or Jake Matthews - Both could be our LT of the future, moving Reilly Reiff to LG, Replacing Rob Sims. Robinson has elite athleticism and measurables, could be the best LT in the game at some point.

Justin Gilbert - A ball magnet corner, with elite athleticism, could be like Antonio Cromartie/Patrick Peterson. Provides extra value as a punt returner, has loose hips and can play press and zone.

Darqueze Dennard - Lacks speed, but plays a lot like Richard Sherman, but without the size. Could sure up our CB position for years, like Gilbert.

Haha Clinton Dix - Elite size, Alabama pedigree and great in coverage. Quinn and him could be deadly in coverage together. Teryl Austin says he wants to move away from split safety roles, so he could be a fit.

Calvin Pryor - Not as athletic as HaHa, but is a hard hitter and is better in run support. Has been compared to Ihedgibo, so who better to have as a role model.

Overall, a lot of our options have strong value for us and Mayhew seems more than likely to trade up for Watkins or Clowney, but don't discount Mack as an option.

My Big Board

1a. Watkins

1b. Clowney

2. Mack

3. Robinson

4. Matthews

5. Evans

6. Mosley

7. Donald

8a. Pryor

8b. Clinton Dix

9a. Gilbert

9b. Dennard

10. Barr

11. Ebron

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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