Top 3 rounds

Okay, we're getting pretty close to the draft now and I think a lot of us have begun to solidify our opinions on draft prospects. Although everyone's positions may shift a little as we get closer to the draft, I'm interested in seeing who your top 3 picks would be this year; lets assume trading picks is out of the question. Personally, the 2nd round selection was hard for me to make, but here is how it would look at the moment:

1. Aaron Donald DT

2. Kyle Van Noy OLB

3. Jarvis Landry WR

We may be set at DT, but in one short year it will become a dire need. And that is even if Suh gets inked long term (assuming Nick, on the other hand, walks). Not to mention, you never want to pay two DTs superstar money at the same time. In comes Aaron Donald, who would be cheap for years and likely produce a ton more than Fairley did. If you don't think so I would say you're wrong. Please go look up tape, as I have done so pretty extensively. Bottom line, you do not sweep all the awards available for your position in college if you are not some sort of beast. I believe Suh is the only other player to do so, and just the thought of putting two such beasts next to each other makes me salivate...

Kyle Van Noy was a difficult pick. I like the guy a lot, I think he's a versatile player, which is something our team definitely needs at the position. However, I can't shake the feeling that he is a jack of all trades, master of none. I'm not positive that he'll translate to the pro game well, but I do have some faith/confidence in him. I might have went Safety here, but I think Glover/James have it locked down for now, and quite frankly nothing about Ashlee Palmer impresses me.

Jarvis Landry. Probably my favorite pick of the three. This guy is amazing, I don't care what you guys think!!! Lol.

Seriously though, find me a better receiver in the third round, and I'll debate that one with you until the wheels fall off. I feel like Landry is a first round talent that is being grossly overlooked and undervalued. Someone comparable would be Moncrief but I think people are moving him up to the second round, and I like Landry better anyways. This guy is physical, he can block better than most of the top receivers in his class, and has a knack for catching balls way outside his range. Please watch the LSU vs Arkansas game for reference. He does things like that more often than you would think. Here it is, leaping, one handed, knee down. Calvin Johnson much?

We are talking about things that most professional WRs can't do, this kid does exceptionally well. You could knock him for his height or his speed, but really does any of that matter when you can get the job done? Alshon Jeffrey is a slow guy, Antonio Brown is a short guy, all that matters is that you can come down with the ball consistently without fumbling, and Jarvis Landry does all that very well. Plus having run a 4.58, its safe to assume he's not really slow.

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