Our DT Situation for 2015

Jerry Mallory posted a great video about our DT situation, Suh, Fairley and potentially Donald, and it got me thinking about next year. Mallory stated that both Suh and Fairley are both 3-Tech Defensive Tackles and we should get a 1-Tech, run stopper, as was the case in Minnesota and us with Sammie Lee Hill. Obviously, we have CJ Mosley who could play that role, but there are some great options in FA next year.

Marcel Dareus, NT/1-Tech, Buffalo run a 4-3 and they have Kyle Williams, the fact he combines so well with Williams, speaks in volumes. He is a former #3 pick out of Alabama and could very easily fill that spot. Had 7.5 Sacks last year at 331lbs! Has had 18.5 sacks in 3 years and yet people say he is a bust? Terrence Knighton, NT, the player known as 'Pot Roast' is a run stuffing legend, imagine our run defence, Knighton and Suh taking up 2 lineman each and Ziggy getting all those sacks. Ahytba Rubin, used as a 3-4 DE, could clog lanes for us, and help our DT of the future take over games. Former #6 Pick.

Fairley - A 3-Tech, not as skilled as Suh, but can really play well when he tries. If he has a big year and Suh is leaving us, go ahead and keep him, but if Suh stays, we can offer him a Non Exclusive Franchise Tag, which must net us 2 first rounders if another team wants him (negotiable), but they will give us a chance to match.

Suh - A master at the position, questions about his commitment, but the team seems fine with him, if a deal is met at the right price, we should keep him. I prefer him over Nick, but if Fairley shows very similar talent after this year, at a much cheaper rate, it could be very tricky. At this point it seems, Non Exclusive Franchise Tag, Draft Day trade or Extension, I doubt he stays after hitting FA.

Donald - Great point by Jerry, we don't need another 3-Tech and he is not needed. At 10 I would rather not take him, and get a WR, Ebron, CB or S. I like him, but not a fit.

My dream Suh scenario, keep Suh at $12M a year, sign Marcel Dareus or Knighton, get a first or second rounder for Fairley. My dream Fairley scenario, get a king's ransom for Suh (1st (Top 5) and a 2nd), he produces 10 sacks, sign him for $6-8.5M a year. There is a chance that Schwartz wants one of his DTs and let's Dareus go.

Overall, there are great options next year to be our 1-Tech, but Marcel Dareus seems like the best fit, but if one of our DTs will escape us, we can use the Non Exclusive Franchise Tag on them and not be struggling on our D Line and we net ourselves some great picks.

Some other names unlikely to hit FA are Gerald McCoy, Jurrell Casey and Phil Taylor.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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