Wait... Another Mock Draft? The Lions are very busy in this edition.

I put together a mock draft late last night when I couldn't sleep. I know, I know... another man's opinion lost in the shuffle of many just like it but I really like the scenario I put together. I have them making 3 trades on the weekend. So here goes nothing:

(1)#30*-- Ryan Shazier, OLB - Ohio State - nice pick up here as he is a good fit and could start immediately at the Will over Palmer. Solid form tackler with a nose for the football. Could be used situationally as a pass rusher.

(2)#36**-- Stephon Tuitt, DL - Notre Dame - some growing concerns about the DT position moving forward into 2015. Tuitt will add some depth on the interior while also adding flexibility to play on the outside situationally as a SDE. Major upgrade over Jones.

(2)#45-- Donte Moncrief, WR - Ole' Miss - I have a man crush(no homo) on this well built wideout with great measurables. Could play inside but will be more of outside guy in Caldwell's new look offense. My favorite selection in this mock.

(2)#57***-- Deone Bucannon, SS - Wazzu - maybe the most controversial selection in my mock but the SS position maybe the most pressing need heading into the 2014 season. Need to add some young, quality depth here with one of my favorite S's in this class.

(4)#133-- Tyler Larsen, C - Utah State - love this pick if he falls this far. A true mauler and brother of Cody a DT for the Ravens. Would be a great future replacement for Dom and a guy that could slide over to G if needed.

(4)#136-- Dontae Johnson, DB - NC State - not sure if this will be the pick if there is a QB the Lions like. Johnson had a decent combine running faster then expected but for some reason isn't expected to go in the first 3-4 rounds. Could play FS or CB on the next level.

(5)#170*-- AJ McCarron, QB - Alabama - in this scenario with no remaining selections this pick will probably be the best QB available. Could go DE or K here if there isn't a QB that the Lions like.

*Trade 1

#10 traded to the 49ers for #30, #56, #77 & #170 along with a 2015 3rd rounder -- with Justin Gilbert available the Niners use a few of their many 2014 selections to move up to address their biggest need with the #1 player at his position. The Lions gain 3 picks for this year to use for trade bait later in the draft while also gaining a day 2 pick for 2015.

**Trade 2

#56(from SF) & #77(from SF) traded to the Raiders for #36 & #219 -- Oakland doesn't own a 5th or 6th rounder so in this scenario I have them moving down 20 spots in the 2nd to pick up a 3rd rounder in exchange for a 7th rounder.

***Trade 3

#76, #111, #189, #219 & #227 to the Chargers for #59 -- not sure if there will be any suitors for this trade but I went with a team that may look to add some more picks in a very deep draft. The Lions give up 5 picks for 1 here but we all know the Lions probably won't have the cap room to sign 8 prospects this year so it makes sense from that perspective.

So there it is. Thoughts appreciated.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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