What to do with Suh?

So, Ndamukong Suh is either signing an extension or leaving us via trade or FA, we all know the talent he possesses and the controversy he can cause, but now it is getting too far. The media is going all out on him, most Suh related articles (outsiders) feel it is best we trade him, but most Lions fans want him. I will take a look at both sides of the argument.

The Case For Keeping Suh

Suh has gone to 3 pro bowls, AP Defensive Rookie of the Year and 3 All Pro teams, he has produced year in and year out for us and he has become the face of our defence. Suh was our #2 pick in 2010 after dominating everybody who stepped in his way at Nebraska and the NFL has not slowed him down, I would like to see him as a 3-4 End, but no matter what the situation he has got to the QB. The Lions would have a lot of problems just letting him go, leaving us with a need at DT and a suddenly much weaker D-Line.

Geno Atkins and Hatoli Ngata both got paid in the 5 year, $55-65M range and that is what we should pay him too. The best part about Suh's game is his polish and motor, things you must have in order to be great, combine that with athleticism and you have a star, and that is what we have in Suh. A star. It would be a major loss if we lost him for nothing, very much like the Panthers and Julius Peppers. Overall, Suh is a star in this league and has produced for us, we either must re-sign him, get Jadaveon Clowney and a pick for him or a King's Ransom.

The Case For Trading Suh

The workouts - One of our captains in Suh does not provide a great example to the younger players by not showing up to the voluntary workouts. The reason I put voluntary in italics is because although they are voluntary, all the greats never stopped training, Suh should be setting the example for the players and helping the new staff recognise his attributes a lot better than simply on tape. The media is reporting about him so much now, that he must just think to come to training to shut them up...but, no he does not. Then there are the people who say Jimmy Graham is not at the workouts because he is in contract talks right now, but they difference is that he is technically still and FA and is consulting things with Goodell, Stafford attended every camp last year and he was working on an extension too, Suh should still be there too.

The contract - To be honest with you, Mayhew and Lewand would have got an extension done as soon as Suh signed an agent, but Suh must be asking for way too much. There is no way he is worth a cent over $12.5M, no DT is, he got paid 5 years, $63M on his rookie deal and never took a pay cut, so he will get all of it, basically searching for a 10 year/$130M deal. Suh will be 32 at the end of this deal, which is pretty old to be forking over around $13M to.

FA/Trade - So, worst case scenario, we panic - tag him or trade him in fear. Suh has all control in contract negotiations, but not in trade talks or tagging. If we do tag him, it cannot be a franchise tag because we have to pay him 20% more than what he got this year, so we must use a Non Exclusive Tag, which allows us to get picks for him or match an offer, which would be ideally what happens if we let this year play out, without an extension. Secondly, we can trade him, we will save $3M this year (does it matter?), but have to carry $9M next year in dead money regardless. The only way we should trade him is for a 1st round and a 2nd rounder at the minimum. We can't let him go for a mere 3rd round pick in compensation. - Warren Sapp, Rod Woodson and 2 other analysts discussed Suh's situation and Sapp got pretty heated about it stating that Suh is a captain and he must be setting the example for others, whilst an analyst provide great points stated that Suh is not a great like Reggie White or Warren Sapp and must be training at every possible chance to become one, he has not improved since his rookie year and is not a winner because of this type of effort. The analyst also stated that this franchise has won 1 playoff game in 57 years and guys like Suh won't help us do it. Woodson was undecided about it and the other analyst was the host, so he did not really provide an insight. A link is in the comments.

Overall, our #1 priority should be getting an extension done prior to the draft, if not a trade for a first and a second rounder must be reached, because I do not feel good about him as an FA next year with Oakland, Cleveland, Philly, Jacksonville and many others with much more to spend than us. So basically #1 Extension, #2 Trade, #3 Tag. All other options would be major disappointments and get any GM fired. By the way, I feel that it is either Sub or Fairley, no way both stay or both go.

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