The Lions' roster needs, at this point in FA

Hey everyone, this is my first fanpost so whatever.

I wanted to rank my view on the holes that are now currently still on the Lions roster. I'm going to do this without considering who specifically we could take in the draft, or cap space (if that would matter anyway), or anything like that. I'm looking at our team as if I'm playing madden and I'm deciding which spot needs the upgrade the most. Let's get started.

#1. Cornerback

This is such a glaring need that I can't get over it. Every expert says it, its a motherf***ing passing league, and because of that, we need corners. We as Lions struggle, but our consistent losses are at the hands of good quarterbacks. Capable corners come in handy in those spots. Why do you think we got our asses whooped in the playoffs in 2011? Drew f***in Brees. Last point: I was severely disappointed we didn't address this in free agency. From what I've been told, rookie corners produce far less than a rookie wide out would. My friend pointed out that isn't always the case a la Patrick Peterson or Darrelle Revis, but those are elite guys. Forgive me, but I think its safe to say that Dennard and Gilbert aren't elite like that (I could always be wrong). But I would much rather have had Alterraun Verner or one of the other top guys signed (dare I say Aqib Talib?) rather than a top WR like Golden Tate, and opting to look to the draft to address our WR needs. That's enough on corner, let's move on.

#2. OLB

Yes motherf***er I said it. Not WR. It's defense, baby. Let's look at our offense. HB we're good, no questions there. I don't like our TE situation, but we've locked up Brandon Pettigrew so he's our guy. I'm always up for some o-line help but we're solid as it stands. I'll get to QB later. And with Tate, I think the only thing our WR corps needs addressed now is depth, which should come with the draft. On D: Our safety tandem, in a word, is makeshift. We have issues at depth but as far as our starters go, we are around mediocre/average (which is better than awful- I consider it an upgrade from last year). Our corners are young. They need to blossom. This is why they are listed at #1. I'm going to jump to our d-line, and man do they need some help. Yeah, right. On to our LBs. Stephen Tulloch has been so solid so quietly that I love him. He's been the Lions' best linebacker since I started watching (more on that later). DeAndre Levy, as you may have heard had a breakout season. He is an excellent cover guy. WHAT'S LEFT? A f***ing pass rusher, that's what. A Justin Houston or a Von Miller kind of guy. He would make our front 7 among the best in the league.

#3. Wide Reciever

There's just one scenario, which we've encountered in recent memory, that makes me say this. What if Calvin Johnson doesn't play? Guys, we looked worse than the Browns last year when we played green bay at Lambeau. We need a WR corps that is at least functional without Megatron, even with Tate. A lot of this has to do with Matthew Stafford and his mentality. He thinks (thought?), whenever we're in trouble, just lob it up to Johnson. This was evident in the waning moments of the Pittsburgh game last year. Stafford didn't give a f***. The ability to change this mentality, to me, comes down to coaching. It seems like we've agreed as a fanbase that this is the case, given our collective approval of the Jim Shwartz firing. And damnit, we need depth too. Kris Durham can kiss my brown ass.

#4. (Free?) Safety

So I liked the James Ihedigbo signing, and I like him more than Louis Delmas. Unlike many fans, I actually liked Delmas. The duo of Glover Quin and Ihedigbo I really don't like though. They are both average at best, and I think we need a very talented rookie to come in and either force them to perform or take their job altogether. My ideal first round in the draft is trading down and getting a safety, or staying and grabbing Evans.

Honorable Mentions: C, Guard, Backup QB, MLB

Obviously we need to draft a decent QB for our backup, because f*** Dan Orlovsky. Dominic Raiola is getting old and you can talk about how well he did last year and blah blah... f*** Raiola. We need a center so we can groom him for a year before he starts. And people are telling me Rob Sims is getting old... so I guess there's that. Finally, something that only few have brought up, a Middle Linebacker. If Austin truly wants us to go to a 3-4 for even 30% of our defensive snaps, then we will need a serviceable number two MLB to start in that package. Do we even have a second string to Tulloch? Nobody knows. I even called Adam Schefter.

A couple side notes

In case I sound like an idiot, I got into football fairly recently. I started following the Lions and watching every weekend in 2011. I always enjoyed the Superbowl, but everyone always hated on the Lions so I never followed a season. Earlier that year a friend of mine was like "hey, the Lions will be good this year". That was nothing new but he sounded so sure of himself. I watched, and sure enough we made the playoffs. Been hooked ever since. Now its Superbowl time. I may be in the minority here, but I don't think we are a year away. I think we can win the SB this year. If Stafford plays close to his potential and we rile together a rough and tough defense, the NFC championship will be fun to watch against Seattle.

What are your thoughts? Which position is of greatest need in your opinion? I've said my piece, duke yours out in the comments

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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