The Real Lions Big Board

When the voting came in for the poll 1-5 on the POD Big Board, I knew something was wrong, Martin Mayhew stated there are 5 ELITE TALENTS in this draft, no doubt in my mind that he was taking about Clowney, Watkins, Robinson, Matthews and Mack, so why on Earth would HaHa Clinton Dix be on there if he is not considered a Top 10 prospect. There was also Mike Evans on that top 5, but I feel that his ceiling is extremely high since he has produced so well and still is raw, so I feel that he could be in there.

Next, the Big Board (no QBs) for us Lions should be presented differently, like so: (I will justify all these choices)

Big Board

TRADE UP OPTIONS: 1. Jadaveon Clowney, 2. Sammy Watkins

PREMIUM PLAYERS: 3. Khalil Mack, 4 Greg Robinson 5 Mike Evans 6 Jake Matthews

STAY PUT: 7. CJ Mosley, 8. Aaron Donald, 9. HaHa Clinton Dix, 10. Anthony Barr 11.Calvin Pryor 12. Justin Gilbert,

TRADE DOWN: 12. Ryan Shazier (Great Player, but teams are not taking him this high) 13. Darqueze Dennard, 14. Odell Beckahm, 15. Kony Ealy, 16. Eric Ebron, 17. Taylor Lewan, 18. Marqise Lee, 19. Timmy Jernigan


1. Wide Reciever - We need a 2nd/3rd Reciever because all of the best offences in the NFL have supreme depth, i.e Denver Broncos: Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Emmanuel Sanders, Julius Thomas, Montee Ball and Knowshon Moreno, we have Megatron > Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate = Emmaunel Sanders, Big Joe (last year) and Brandon Pettigrew Montee Ball = Joquie Bell and Reggie Bush, Peyton Manning > Stafford

Overall that is Lions 1, Broncos 2, Tie 2, but who is our Wes Welker, we need that 2/3rd Reciever and Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins and Odell Beckham could be that guy.

2. Outside Linebacker - Jim Caldwell said he wanted that 'Flamethrower' and Teryl Austin said he wanted to run more 3-4 looks, well DeAndre Levy is best used in coverage, Tulloch is good at rushing and covering, but we don't have that flamethrower and to run a 3-4 you need a lot of Wide 9 looks, which Mack, Barr and Mosley could easily fill that hole amongst our linebackers and Mack and Mosley can both be rushers and amazing in coverage, so Mosley and Mack would be better options than Barr who scouts have stated is raw and relies only on his speed.

3. Safety - Lets go get our leader of the secondary or player teams fear to go near, Clinton Dix has great coverage skills whilst Pryor is that hard hitter who can take over a match and both have potential to be stars and have great athleticism.

4. Backup QB - To put it simply, great talents are available due to injuries in the latter rounds, so why not invest one of 3 4th rounders in a backup we know can produce if called up.

5. Cornerback - I put this so low because we have too many young corners and it is not a position that you excel at in year one i.e Morris Claiborne and Dee Milliner, unless we see that Patrick Peterson lock-to-be-a-star, I say no to high CB pick, when in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds there are some super high ceiling guys out there and the 2015 FA Period (we will have nearly $20M in cap space, from roll over and if we lose Suh add another $10M to that.

6. Defensive End - Not really a need because of Jason Jones, Ziggy Ansah and Devin Taylor and could get a talented linebacker to pass rush, but if Mayhew sees a 20 sack guy in Clowney, by all means throw everything at him.

7. Kicker - Who is our Jaosn Hanson for the next 20 years? Chris Boswell, Anthony Fera, Zach Hocker and Nate Freese are all accurate kickers with some huge range.


Jadaveon Clowney - Jim Washburn attended his pro day, ran drills for him and I am sure the Lions are interested. No word on Kony Ealy.

Sammy Watkins - He loves the idea of playing with Megatron and we have showed huge amounts of interest in him

Mike Evans - Mayhew attended his Pro Day, but Jim Caldwell has not spoken of him in the same light as Sammy, smokescreen?

OTs - Taylor Lewan has had private workouts, but as Mayhew said he has considered Robinson and Matthews as elite.

C - Showed interest in Weston Richburg, Gabe Ikard, Marcus Martin, Russell Bodine and Travis Swanson

DT - Aaron Donald has been interviewed by the Lions at the combine, no word on Louis Nix and Timmy Jernigan, but a DT could be drafted to replace Nick Fairley

OLB - Mayhew attended Barr's pro day and CJ Mosley's Pro Day, not much word on Khalil Mack from Mayhew, but Austin and Caldwell have hinted they like him. Not much about Ryan Shazier, interest has been shown in Kyle Van Noy

CB - Attended Dennard and Gilbert's pro days, Walter Football says we have given Gilbert a private workout, not sure how truthful that is, but hey it could be an example of Gilbert over Dennard.

S - Interest in both Calvin Pryor and Haha Clinton Dix


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