Trade Up? And At What Cost

With the draft just over a month away, we start to think who do the Lions take? The speculation kicks in and so do the smoke screens, the private workouts and the mock draft come in bunches. Most Mock Drafts have us picking Justin Gilbert, but let's look at our other options.

Trade Up: At what cost? Why? And who for?

Who: Jadaveon Clowney - DE - South Carolina - Junior

Why? Jadaveon Clowney was the type of player defences either double teamed or triple teamed, no one took him one on one. 13 sacks as a sophomore speaks in volumes, but 3 sacks in 2013, not so much, the difference between the two years? The amount of attention he received, he did not want to play in college and to all those haters out there who say he is slack, well he is as athletic as can be, is not one dimensional and has a chip on his shoulder.

Cost: Moving up with St Louis, 1st this year and (2nd this year or 1st next year)

ONE LAST POINT ON CLOWNEY: Our D-Line would feature Ansah, Suh, Fairley and Clowney, with the depth of Taylor, Mosley and Jones

Who: Sammy Watkins - WR - Clemson - Junior

Why? Sammy would put us over the top, the NFC North would absolutely struggle with Megatron, Tate, Big Joe, Pettigrew and Watkins. At the moment if either Tate or Megatron were to get hurt...Kris Durham would be our #2!

Cost: If Mayhew decides he is our guy it would mean moving up with St Louis or Oakland 1st and 2nd Rounder at the least.

ONE LAST POINT ON WATKINS: I feel Sammy has the ability to be Megatron's successor (Did you watch the Orange Bowl?). Megatron is in his late 20s, he will last until he is 35, but who will be our future Reciever, why not let Sammy excel besides Megatron and when CJ is done, Sammy would be our #1.

Who: Khalil Mack - OLB - Buffalo - RS Senior

Why? He would be our flamethrower, he is versatile, can drop back, blitz, play 3-4 in Wide 9 formations and dominate, my only concern: MAC, his competition was not spectacular and how has Eric Fisher turned out?

Cost: 1st and either 2nd or 3rd Rounder

ONE LAST POINT ON MACK: He could make our front 7 the best in the league: Tulloch, Levy and Mack, sounds good to me.

Who: Greg Robinson - OT - Auburn - RS Sophomore

Why? To put it simply, is Reiley Reiff a franchise He is much better as a guard. Robinson has better measurements than Joe Thomas did, he is young, raw, but still took over games, Tre Mason thrived off of Greg Robinson.

Cost: 1st and 2nd or 3rd maybe 4th.

Could fall to us, because St Louis could take Matthews or Watkins, Oakland may not feel O-Line is a need, Tampa likes the QB, WR and OLB in this draft.

ONE LAST POINT ON ROBINSON: I think he may have the ability to take over in run support and pass support, possess elite athletic ability, only 20 and could make our O-Line amazing for years to come.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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