Why is _____ so great?! Part 2

So, earlier in the year, prior to Free Agency, I started what I thought at the time would be a 1 Time occasion. I asked the POD community a simple, but hard question- What makes Justin Gilbert so appealing?

After getting some very well written responses and discussion out of it, I have decided to turn it into a series. My first one was obviously Gilbert. This time I'm going to ask....

What makes Jadeveon Clowney so appealing to the Lions?

So, I've heard lots of rumors, talk, etc. Going around lately that the Lions are interested in of course Watkins, Mack, Barr, Etc. But also Clowney! Personally I think Clowney will be a good pro, and I like his talent.


How does he fit on this Lions team? We already have Ansah, Taylor, etc. Why do we need another DE? Especially why do we need to trade up for one? I get it's Clowney, but he's not a can't miss. Honestly, the only real can't miss in this years draft in my opinion is Watkins, assuming he goes to a team with a good QB (A.K.A not Oakland or Buffalo or Tampa...)

Now, Clowney has his own issues. Regardless of why he was out during the year, which is either laziness or Injury, he was still out for one reason or another. If he's lazy, how does that impact the culture in Detroit? Does Caldwell and or Austin want somebody who will hurt the Culture here? If it was for injury reasons, then can we really afford to give up another high pick for another injury prone DE?

This is not similar to the Gilbert one in which I actually doubted his overall talent. I don't doubt Clowneys talent, but I doubt how he fits here. There is no real reason to show videos to prove my point, so I'm not going to post any for this particular post.

Finally, to conclude this short post, how high would we have to trade up for Clowney? Some say number 1, some say 2, some say he could go as low as 6! So I leave you with this final point. Unless Clowney falls (In which case I have him behind Only Watkins) why should we trade up to get him?

What makes Clowney so appealing to Lions fans- or the Lions in general? Comment with your responses below, and I plan on taking requests for other names.

P.S Sorry about not commenting on all your other posts lately! I've been busy with school, and other than Math I actually have the highest grades I've gotten all year, so :) I'm back for now at least! :) If I missed any good discussions about the Draft or FA, post a link below as well so I can read them and maybe add. Thanks!

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