Why is _____ so great? Version 3

Last time, we took a look at Jadeveon Clowney. In version one, we took a look at Justin Gilbert. Today, we take a look at another highly debatable prospect. This time, it is...

Why is Taylor Lewan so great?!

So, I start with my first question. Where do people even value Taylor Lewan? I've seen some Top 5, I've seen some 15's and 20's. Also, how much of a role do the accusations of him committing a crime play a role in his draft stock. Also, is it fair to mention his name with other top tackles Robinson and Matthews? Finally, what kind of biased is being shown towards him considering he's from Michigan? We begin with-

Where do we value him? Personally, I like him around 12. He isn't a BPA candidate for us I don't think, but he is still a top half first rounder. Why? I'd say based off his potential, and how he would work with any given situation. Also, the fact he has pass protected for mobile QBs is a plus also. He was not the weak spot in Michigans line whatsoever, in fact I was at the Akron game where he got hurt in the 2nd Q, and I was scared. That was a scary time.

From what I've seen/heard, the crime plays little to absolutely no role whatsoever in his stock, which is a little surprising, but teams seem to be overlooking those types of things, and focusing on talent, and worrying about off field issues when they get drafted. Anybody remember Clowney having like 3 Speeding Tickets or something crazy like that? Yeah. He's still the pretty much top pick in the draft.

Personally, I think it is possible, but not entirely accurate to put his name in the elite group. I think this has more to do with a team by team basis, or maybe a wait and see approach. It really depends on how that coach uses him and how good the rest of the OL is. I think the Lions would be an ideal team for him, but not necessarily the other way around.

Surprisingly, I have seen almost no bias towards Lewan. In fact, I have seen more bias against Lewan than anything else, because the fact he came from UM, which I suspect means hello MSU fans. Since I'm not the biggest fan of either team frankly, I consider myself a good person as far as bias goes looking at Lewan. That's why I see him around the 12 spot.

Overall though, throughout this I've tried to convince myself and you, on why Lewan would be a good fit for the Lions. As I mentioned, the Lions would be a good spot for him, but that's not a good enough reason for us to draft him at 10. He might help Stafford out, yes. But what about Run Blocking? What would happen to Reiff and Waddle? Is he a true BPA, since that is how we have been drafting lately? What would have to happen for you to take him with open arms to the Lions, in the most objective way possible for you MSU fans out there please!

So, in your opinion, why is Taylor Lewan so great?

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