Why is _____ so great Version 4

So, yesterday we took a look at Lewan and Clowney and previously we discussed Justin Gilbert. Tonight I take a look at two more new people, but since they are of the same position I will put them together and save room on the FP board. Now, this one is hard for me, because I am kind of biased in this debate, so if I get off track, then let me know. Alright, with that, we take a look at a not as hyped, but very interesting duo of questions:

Why are Calvin Pryor and HaHa Clinton Dix so great?

So, before I start, I mentioned my bias earlier. It's towards Pryor. I'm a L'Ville fan (GO CARDS!)

Okay, so, I will try to explain why Calvin Pryor is much better than HHCD and why Louisville is better than Alabama. Ha! Oops. Okay, I will explain who I think makes the most sense for this team and give actual reasons why! I also will debate whether they make sense at 10, whether we should trade up or down, and whether they each can handle the pro game or not.

We start with why do either of them make any sense at 10. Well, I personally think if we were to take any Safety at 10 it would be HHCD unfortunately, because of his experience with Bama, which I will get to later. St. Louis is looking hard at him at the 13, and it's possible that he could go as high as 9 to Buffalo who needs to replace Byrd if I didn't miss any FA signings. Does this make them a good option at 10? Yes, but obviously not our best. So, if Clowney, Watkins, Mack, Barr, Robinson, Matthews and Evans and maybe Lewan are gone by the time we get to 10, then we should take the better player.

Ideally we don't need to worry about trading up or down. One of them might be gone by 10, the other at 13. I really don't want to trade with Minny, and 7 is too high for either Safety. So, that was a fast section.

Can their game transfer to the pros? Based on his versatility I would believe it shouldn't be hard to fit HHCD in different systems, but, our new Defense with Austin may not be the best fit for him. He is generally a better coverage Safety, which would be nice, but he's not the next E.T. Pryor is the exact opposite. I don't think he'd work out well in most other systems, but in Austin's aggressive D, I think he would be great. He has that gritty, rough style that reminds me of a younger Polamalu. Making the big hits, but sometimes not reading a throw or missing a zone. Also, I think he would be great to have on a Safety Blitz as well, as he is agile and quick on the snap.

Overall, here I believe Pryor makes the most sense for the Lions. However, I still have him quite a bit behind the 8 I mentioned earlier, as well as Ebron and Donald. The hardest part of the safety class is valuing them. Where should and where will they go? So, I will actually answer my essential question in a quick summary in something I'm doing just for this so that we can get a good comp.

What makes Pryor so good?: More athletic, good blitzer, aggressive, gritty, forces turnovers.

What makes HHCD so good?: Good,in pass coverage, reads plays well, experienced, pro ready.

By now you know my opinions, but what makes them so appealing to YOU? The readers and commenters? The rest of the Pride? Have fun and debate who you like more and why below! Thanks for reading!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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