The perfect draft

A lot of debate going on what the Lions should due in the draft next week. Since I am incredibly opinionated, and have criticized some other picks and comments, I thought that I would put out what I feel would be a perfect draft. I am going to be realistic, Sammy isn't falling to 10 and our supplemental pick won't be some second rounder, but I do feel what I am speculating is at least possible.

In the first round at 10, we are going to trade down to pick 16 with Dallas. They will want to move up and pick Aaron Donald, who won't make it past New York Giants or the Bears, and maybe even the Lions. So they send us pick 16 and their third rounder. At pick 16, we pick Odell Beckham Jr. He has the speed, hands, route running, and ability to be a star! I think a lot like a healthy Percy Harvin. I feel this is a great pick, a playmaker for the offense.

The defense also needs a playmaker, so now I am making another trade. We trade our second, plus the third that we just got from Dallas, to move back into the first round at 21 I hope. This may not be enough for every team, but teams want more picks in this draft and 2 picks in the top 80 for pick 21 or so is debatable, and someone will bite. With this pick I am picking, mot probably no ones surprise who reads any of my posts, I am picking OLB Ryan Shazier. He is a perfect 3 down LB who has speed and ability as a weak side combo OLB and at the line safety. Can pit him anywhere and he is a weapon. I think he is the 3rd best defender in the draft, and I think he could be even better than Mack. Mack is bigger, Shazier is faster.

We now have no second rounder, as it turned into a first. With our third I am picking Deone Bucannon, a safety. Jerry picked him in the mock in the second, but I feel it is possible for him to last to pick 75. He would be a second playmaker for our defense, mas he has a nice history of causing turnovers.

We have 3 fourth round picks. With our first one, I am taking CB Phillip Gaines of rice, I would also consider Pierre Desir from Lindenwood. Both have speed, decent size, and a nice interception record. I say never draft a corner who doesn't get picks, most important plays they can make. Gaines would not be a instant starter, but would be a nice piece and would develope.

Pour second 4th rounder would be Slot player or RB Dri Archer from Kent State. He is electric. Antibody who saw him healthy in 2012 should think he could be a great piece for an offense. He is the fastest player in the draft, very small, but very elusive also.

My third fourth rounder would be DE Larry Webster. He has great physical tools, has visited Detroit, and could turn into a real nice 4-3 DE. Huge upside.

We have no 5th, so in the 6th round I would pick Kelsey Quarles DT, S Car. He just got in trouble, like an idiot just befor ethe draft, but nothing major. He will fall though, and I feel he could become a decent DT, especially a pass rusher. He had more sacks than Clowney this year on the same line. Talented player.

In the last round I am picking the kicker from Boston College that visited the Lions. Not because I think they should, but because I am pretty sure he will get picked by us.

No QB, I say get a vet or a UDFA, I prefer a vet. Someone will become available in training camp. Plus no center, a position that I am just not impressed with this years talent at Center.

Hope you agree, or have a different view, please let me know. I love the debates!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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