My grades for our 2014 draft picks

I have held off commenting on our draft very much until I cooled down, I wanted to really think thru each pick. Smart people are drafting these guys, let me look and see if I can hop on board with some of these picks that I wasn't excited about when they happened.

So I will grade each pick as if anyone else cares what I think, but it does make me feel better! lol

Ebron- a SENSATIONAL pick. Anyone who cannot see how this makes our offense a lot better is looking thru blinders. This is the player that we needed, at a position of huge need.By his second season, he will be pushing for the Pro Bowl. Love this pick, I just did not think that they would do it A++++++

Van Noy- excellent player, jack of all trades, will be a solid player for us for a long time. I don't think elite is as possible as just real good and solid is more likely. I do not like that we traded up to get him, I don't see that he was about to be picked. But they really wanted this guy, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. B+

Swanson- a blunder pick. I am rooting for him, I want him to be good, but his ceiling is to be average. He just is not powerful enough for the huge strong men he will face. Maybe they can help him there, but there were a lot of really talented players available when we picked this guy, and he wasn't one of them.Reached for a 5th-6th rounder in the 3rd, could've picked CB Gaines, Safety Brooks, or WR Moncreif and been way better off. I know we needed a Center, but I think we still do. D

CB Lawson- I really thought that guys like him could fall to us later in the draft this year. With everyones obsession with height, normal sized CBs were gonna fall and we got a good one. This kid is a good player . You draft people sometimes to match up with guys you play often. Everyone wants to match up with Marshall and Jeffries, but we needed a guy to match up with Randall Cobb and the 2 quick Vikings receivers. This kid will be a player. B+

DE Webster- I think that we all knew that the Lions were going to pick this kid. Huge potential, faster than Ebron or Jeffcoat, from an NFL family. We needed a 4-3 end and we got a guy to groom. Might be inactive sometimes early this season, but he will be good in 2015 and beyond. Maybe we could've waited another round, but only maybe. B

DT Reid- A steal. If we didn't get such a good 5th round pick out of our moving up in the second round, I would be a lot more upset, but this guy could've easily been picked a round or 2 earlier. Exactly the right pick to add to our DT depth. I like this pick a lot A-

WR Jones- We finally pick a WR. Good player, will make the team, I see a lot of PS predictions on him. Nonsense, he will be on the team, and he will play some as the season goes on. Great hands, smart dependable, a young Burleson. B

K Freese- obviously the kicker they wanted as he visited the LIons. Very accurrrate, he will be our kicker for at least a few years B+

Every player we picked will make the team this year, which is fairly rare for us. So all in all, a pretty good haul.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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