10 Questions with a Detroit Sports Fan

This is my interview with Rob, a Detroit sports fan and SB Nation reader. I hope you enjoy getting an inside look at a fans perspective. Thanks for all the help, Rob!

1. So, first of all, when did you become a sports fan and why?

I think I became a sports fan because, probably, when I was 11, 12 years old I was wanting to play baseball and hockey with my friends all the time and it just kind of translated into wanting to watch sports on tv, imagining myself hitting a home run or scoring a goal!

2. What is the best sports moment you have experienced?

I would say the best sports moment I have experienced was the Red Wings ending their 42 year drought and finally winning the Stanley cup in 1997.

3. What's the WORST sports moment you've ever experienced?

I would say the worst sports experience would probably have to be the Tigers vs Twins game 163. That game had so many ups and downs, twists and turns it was a gut wrenching loss.

4. Who is your favorite athlete?

Right now I would have to say my favorite athlete is Calvin Johnson. With his size and speed and the ability to make catches when he is triple teamed he deserves every bit of the Megatron name.

5. If you could have one sports wish granted what would you wish for?

I think I would want the Lions to win a Super Bowl. Only having 1 playoff win in 50 something years is almost impossible to comprehend and I can only imagine what the celebration would be like for Lions fans everywhere if they won a Super Bowl.

6. Who do you think is the greatest Detroit athlete of all time?

There have been a lot of great Detroit athletes, from Cobb, to Kaline, to Gordie Howe, to Isiaiah Thomas and Stevie Y, but if I could only pick one it would probably have to be Barry Sanders, it was potentially breathtaking anytime he got the ball!

7. On a different note, do you think NHL players should be allowed to compete in the Winter Olympics in 2018?

I think the NHL should participate in the 2018 Olympics because it is such a great marketing tool for the league, they get the highest TV ratings when they are there, and it is almost always great hockey to watch.

8. What is your opinion on Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player, being drafted by the St. Louis Rams?

I think the fact that Michael Sam is gay should have nothing to do with his NFL career. If he is good enough to play in the NFL than good for him, if not then he should be cut. He should be treated just like any other player would be.

9. After Donald Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers, alledgedly made racist remarks do you feel the NBA should force him to sell the team or not?

It seems pretty apparent that Donald Sterling is not a very good person and the statements he made are pretty disgusting. Should the NBA be able to force him to sell the team for things he said in a private conversation as troublesome as they were? That could be tougher than it might seem.

10. How do you think the MLB should deal with PED users and do you agree with the way the Tigers handled Jhonny Peralta last season?

I think the tigers handled the Peralta situation pretty good. He made a mistake, he paid the penalty, he seemed pretty remorseful, and they welcomed him back. Steroid users will always be treated harshly by the league, which is good, but I think maybe the league should be a little more open minded when it comes to advances in medical science and the possibility of helping players return from injuries quicker without harmful side effects.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, or give advice in the comments below. Any input is appreciated but try to keep it civil and constructive. Thanks for reading my article and thanks again to Rob for being interviewed! :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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