Comparing Kyle Van Noy to Chad Greenway and Luke Kuechly

Obviously it's way too soon, and unfair to compare a rookie who hasn't seen a single NFL snap to two players who are pretty darn good NFL linebackers. Still, here it goes...

OLB Chad Greenway was drafted in the first round #17 overall by the Vikings. ILB Luke Kuechly, also a first round pick, went #9 overall to the Panthers. Kyle Van Noy was drafted near the top of the second round, with the 40th overall pick. Something to keep in mind as you compare the stats.

VAN NOY: height 6'3", weight 243 lbs, arm length 31 5/8", hands 9 5/8"
GREENWAY: 6'2", 242 lbs, 32 1/4" arms, 9 1/2" hands
KUECHLY: 6'3", 242lbs, 31" arms, 9 3/4" hands

Pretty close in size all across the board.

4.71 sec forty yd dash, 21 reps on the bench, 32.5" vert, 112" broad, 7.22 sec three cone drill, 4.20 sec in 20yd shuttle
4.76 sec forty, 16 bench, 33.5" vert, 117" broad, 7.01 three cone, 4.22 20yd shuttle
4.58 sec forty, 27 bench, 38" vert, 123" broad, 6.92 three cone, 4.12 20yd shuttle

Van Noy measures up pretty closely with Greenway, even a bit faster and stronger. Luke Kuechly is overall a much better athlete than both Van Noy or Greenway in terms of measurables.

KYLE VAN NOY: (Junior season): 53 total tackles, 37 solo, 16 assists, 22 tackles for loss, 13 sacks, 2 int's, 6 forced fumbles
CHAD GREENWAY: (Senior season) 156 total tackles, 95 solo, 61 ast, 10 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 1 int, 0 ff's
LUKE KUECHLY: (Sophomore season- he had more tackles as a junior, but 0 sacks, 0 ff's) 183 total tackles, 110 solo, 73 ast, 10.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, 3 int's, 2 ff's

One more stat, Van Noy, Greenway and Kuechly all had 2 defensive TD's off interceptions in their college careers. Greenway and Kuechly were/are tackling machines, with an astonishing 3x more tackles than Van Noy. But Van Noy had far more impact plays (sacks, tackles for loss, forced fumbles), 3x that of Greenway and nearly double that of Kuechly.

In a nutshell, Van Noy seems to perfectly fit the new blitzing defense that head coach Caldwell has mentioned, and a pretty good value pick in the second round. Greenway and Kuechly have a nose for the football, a knack for being around the football on nearly every play. From what little I've seen of Van Noy's collegiate career, he has a similar instinct, and also the ability to make impact plays. I hope it translates to the next level.

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