My night last night at Taste of the Lions

Last night I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Taste of the Lions charity event at Ford Field. It is a wonderful event meant to raise money for local charities. Almost all Lions players and office personel are on hand, posing for photos and signing autographs. I am not much for autographs, but I did take a lot of pics. I posted them on my Facebook page, Larry Mortemore, feel free to look at them if you wish.

I will post some of what I heard, I think a lot of it is very interesting, at least it was for me!

I got to meet Martin Mayhew, talked to him for a minute. He is not a big guy at all, I think I am taller and I'm 5-10. I told him that I like the direction the team is going, he is obviously a very modest man. Very polite, almost surprised that I recognized him out of the crowd. No one else had for a while, surprising to me.

Got at talk to Travis Swanson for a minute. I asked him why should webe excited that he is now a Lion. He answered, wait til you see me play! Very good answer! He is a big kid, but all other linemen seemed bigger to me.

Met Mike Williams. Huge man. I think he was the biggest guy there, very long upper body. I could not get over his size, even though other weigh a lot more, he is massive. I asked him if he was gonna play TE or OT, this was before I heard he was being moved. He said, wherever they want me is fine. I heard later that he was moved to OT, but I see now an article today so everyone k ows now. I guarantee you he is big enough to play tackle. Might need weight, but he can support it.

Met Mike Utley. Talked to him for about 5 minutes, very engaging. A true success!

Got pictures of Calvin, Ziggy, Tulloch, Levy, and the Muhldozer! Also got a selfie with Dan Orlovsky. He was sitting with Kellen Moore, who is a small dude. Real small. Too small.

Saw Corey Fuller and Darius Slay, clearly they a friends and were hanging together all night. Fuller is rail thin, almost unbelievably thin. I can't see how he could take a hit from an NFL defensive player. I don't think he is anywhere near big enough to play.

Met James Indehegbo. I'm sure I misspelled that. The fittest person I have ever seen! A rock! Amazing physique. I asked him if he had his super bowl ring on. He said no, he doesn't wear it. He said he is waiting for his new ring that he is going to get this year! Got to like to hear that! James and Levy seemed to be the 2 most fit players I saw, but it is astounding how fit all of the offensive linemen are. Riley is a mountain, dressed in a flannel shirt just like an Iowa farm boy.

Because I was there with the father of one of the Lions PR directors, I met a lot of high up office people. People who do marketing, civic activities, sponsorships, many very high up people. A recurring theme was mentioned over and over. The atmosphere around the team is amazing. These employees were all saying the same thing, that Caldwell has come in to change the culture, and he has succeeded! Be happy people, the Lions hired the right guy. You can just see it in everyone, this is a close knit org now top to bottom. The players were very respectful of the PR directors, no looking down on anyone. I was told it hasn't been that way in the past. Caldwell has already made a difference, I can't wait for football!

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