First and Only 7 Round Mock

Sup everyone. Figured I'd get my first and only mock in on the day of the draft. Going to jump right into it.

1st Round (10): Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

I know DT isn't the most pressing need right now, but it will be soon. I'm just not convinced that the Lions will keep Fairley next year, and it's not certain whether Suh even wants to be here anymore. Donald is a top 5 talent in this year's draft if you ask me. He's a little undersized, but he's strong enough to handle anyone, and is extremely explosive off the line. It's looking more and more likely that Donald will be a top 10 pick in this year's draft, and I think the Lions would benefit greatly taking him here. I don't really see any other can't miss talents falling into the Lions lap.

The Lions Select: Aaron Donald

2nd Round (45): Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU

The Lions would have loved to have had Khalil Mack slip to them in the 1st round, but unfortunately, that just isn't going to happen. Barr is probably a reach at #10, and taking a guy like Kyle Van Noy in the 2nd adds great value. He is not the most athletic OLB out there, but his football instincts are top notch. He is great against the run, solid in zone coverage and also very underrated as a pass rusher. I think he would take over Ashlee Palmer's spot as the strongside linebacker immediately, and could see some snaps as a pass-rushing OLB, as well as a coverage LB. You don't see many 2nd round picks that brings as much to the table as Van Noy.

The Lions Select: Kyle Van Noy

3rd Round (76): Davante Adams, WR, Fresno St.

I would have liked to have gotten a guy like Donte Moncrief here, but I strongly believe that he will be taken before this pick. Davante Adams may be the best WR available here. For a 6'1 WR, Adams can high-point the ball like no other. When watching Fresno St.'s offense, I became very frustrated with Derek Carr. His overall accuracy isn't that great, and his deep-ball accuracy is terrible. However, Adams still found a way to put up an NCAA leading 131 receptions and 24 TDs. He had 1,719 receiving yards to go along with that, which was 2nd to Brandin Cooks.

4th Round (111): Walt Aikens, CB, Liberty

Aikens is a tall (6'1, 203 lbs.) and athletic CB that seems to fit what the Lions are looking for in a defensive back. He was kicked off of Illinois' football team after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge in 2010. Since then, he's cleaned up his act, and put together a nice resume at Liberty. He's a solid press-corner and is very fluid in his movement. He gets beat from time to time, but he has a short memory, and often would make a big play after giving up a bad one. Mayhew has expressed that he loves to see those characteristics in DBs, so I could see Aikens being a mid-round option.

4th Round (133): Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU

Mettenberger would be a top 2 round pick if it weren't for his injury and character concerns. He has been recently diagnosed with a back issue that may require surgery at some point in his career. If he can stay healthy, he would be a solid back-up to Stafford. He is very poised in the pocket, and throws a good deep ball. He also has a cannon for an arm, and is very confident in his ability. The Lions are going to need to draft a QB this year or the next, because I'm not sure if I trust Kellen Moore to hold down back-up duties for the future.

4th Round (136): Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

Richardson was once thought of as the top offensive guard in the draft only 3 months ago. After a poor Senior Bowl, his stock plummeted pretty fast. He was abused by quicker defensive linemen. He wasn't used enough as a pass blocker in Baylor's offense, but he was a fierce run blocker. Richardson would follow in Sims' footsteps and eventually take over the LG position and would provide some boosted strength for our run game.

6th Round (189): Nate Freese, K, Boston College

Last year, the Lions had one punter in for a visit. His name was Sam Martin, and he is now the Lions starting punter. This year, the Lions have brought in one kicker for a visit. That man is Nate Freese. Martin was selected in the 5th round last year, and no one really knew anything about him. Freese is actually expected to be drafted at some point, so taking him in the 6th wouldn't be that crazy for the Lions. We absolutely need a starting kicker after. The Akers experiment was an utter failure.

7th Round (227): Dexter McDougle, CB, Maryland

McDougle is a guy that the Lions have already brought in for a pre-draft visit. He's undersized (5'10, 196), but he's very athletic and ran an incredible 3-cone drill time (6.84). Mayhew has expressed that CBs generally have 3 years to develop. If they're not good by then, then they're probably not going to be good. It's going to be a make-or-break year for guys like Chris Greenwood, Jonte Green, and Bill Bentley. McDougle could battle it out with Bentley for the slot CB role. The Lions are currently 0 for 1 on McDougle picks, so maybe this time it will work out.

Happy Draft Day, everyone.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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