A Great Day 1 and a Look To Day 2

I think that I am more pleased than most Lions fans about the first day of the draft, and let me explain why. First, we drafted the right guy at 10 in Eric Ebron! A great offensive threat, and it means that the Lions are setting up what looks like has become the offense of the future. 2 stud receivers, 2 TEs who are receiving threats, a TE that is a blocker but still can catch, if we are lucky, and a dangerous RB combo. Gotta love this. Playing 2 TEs dictates to the defense the type of formation that they can play, if the TEs are receiving threats. Tiny slot receivers do not help the run game, but a TE blocking a smaller safety or a CB does. We will be lining up 3 deep threats with our base offense, plus be running against nickel formations all the time. Realize that when we line up Calvin and Tate as WRs, Ebron with either BP or Big Joe at TE, and Joique or Reggie at RB, all of our receivers will be very willing blockers. Tate is a great blocker, as is Calvin, and its a 2 TE formation.

4 of the best offenses in the league, NE, New Orleans, Philly, and Cincinnati use 2 TEs most of the time. All of those offenses could be called explosive. We will be too. If you don't see it yet, wait til you do. Lions fans will love Ebron!

Also, yesterday I think that our main rivals all had some flaws in their drafts. Minn drafted Barr into a 4-3, he is gonna have a long learning curve. We will run right at him, as will everyone else. I don't think he is a fit there. Then they traded up for weak armed Bridgewater, even though they are playing outside the next 2 seasons. I think that they just drafted Matt Cassell to back up Matt Cassell. Good luck with that

GB wanted Shazier, Mosely, or Pryor and all were gone when they picked. Yes, Dix is a nice player, but it was not the guy they hoped for. The 1st round went poorly for them, I think.

Chicago wanted Aaron Donald, and I did not want them to get him. And instead they got a CB. Not a fan of high picks at CB, good player, but I don't think that he is a difference maker like Donald would have been.

Now for Fri Night! There are lots of guys available to pick from tonight/. Im sure that most fans want defensive picks, but don't be surprised if we go offense on at least one of them. Lots of WRs left, and we still need a couple guys there. Martin is also very possible as a center, as is Botonio. On defense, safeties got picked faster than expected, wse wont be picking one in round 2. Lots of CB possibilities, only 1 DT gone I think, Martin, Creighton, and Lawrence as DEs, and everyones favorite Van Noy at OLB. I am not as big of a fan of him as most on here, but he would be a tolerable pick.

If the Lions had the next pick, if they traded up, and it is possible, I think that the pick would be Marquise Lee. But I think that they will stay pat and pick Marcus Martin In the second, and they will pick a CB in the third. There are many to choose from.

One last note, many were hoping to trade down in this draft, me included. But in this deep draft, not one team traded a second or third round pick to move up. Lions had to pick at 10, no offers

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