Don't count Leshoure out yet...

Leshoure in 2012 played in 14 games had 215 carries for 798 yards (3.7 avg) and 3 fumbles. 34 receptions on 48 targets, 4 drops, for 214 yards (6.3 avg)

Bell in 2013 played in 16 games had 166 carries for 650 yards (3.9 avg) and 4 fumbles. 53 receptions on 68 targets, 6 drops, for 547 yards (10.3 avg)

Bush in 2013 played in 14 games had 223 carries for 1,006 yards (4.5 avg) and 5 fumbles. 54 receptions on 80 targets, 10 drops, for 506 yards (9.4 avg)

Leshoure fumbled on 1.4% of carries. Bell and Bush fumbled on 2.4% and 2.2% respectfully.

Leshoure caught passes on 70.8% of the time with a drop rate of 8.3%. Bell and Bush caught passes 77.9% and 67.5% respectfully with a drop rate of 8.8% and 12.5% respectfully.

If you consider that Leshoure was coming off an achilles tear and playing behind an inferior line than the one seen by Bell and Bush in 2013 his numbers are pretty good.

I am film junkie as I think it's more telling than stats so the links below are Mikel Leshoure's highlights from 2012 (first year back from his Achilles tear) and then Reggie Bush and Joique Bell highlights from 2013

The first thing I noticed was how much better the O-line was in 2013 than in 2012, they were hitting guys instead of roaming the field lost or rolling on the ground.

As to Leshoure and what he brings though I would like to highlight four different areas

1. Short area quickness (Quicker than Bell)

2. Decisive runner (Most decisive runner on roster)

3. Leg Drive (moves the pile) (Most power of any tailback by a large margin)

4. Initiates contact (Leshoure is the only runner that hits the defense rather than letting the defense hit him)

-This is important b/c it wears defenses down and puts them back on there heels instead of attacking the ball

5. Hands (Notice the contested catches and separation Leshoure get's, only beat out by Reggie in this category)

I can only speculate as to why Leshoure didn't get carries in 2013 but it's June and that's what we do right, so here it goes. Schwartz and company didn't like Leshoure so he didn't get touches, it was very apparent that this was the case with certain players and Leshoure was one of them. This is further supported by Mayhew's comments as to the Lions not using the talent they have and his recent comments regarding a high level of talent and Leshoure being a part of this offense going into this season. While I don't believe the reports that Schwarts and Mayhew were not talking towards the end of the season, it was obvious and the two had problems and I think part of it was Leshoure not seeing the field. Mayhew is usually a pretty straight shooter and will call players out and he didn't do that this past season with Leshoure, instead supporting him on multiple occasions and confirming that the Lions have a plan to use him.

Good coaches know how to maximize talent, assuming we have a good coaching staff with Caldwell and Lombardi then they will find a way to maximize the talent on the roster. RB's are like pass rushers, you can't have enough quality one's because carries for RB's put a beating on the body so if you can reduce the players carries they will perform better in December and January.

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