Christopher Tomke


I'm a Lions fan who went to college in Chicago during the Matt Millen era. Naturally, I'm a masochist. I'm an editor by trade, and I still live in Chicago. I'm in my late 20s (as of writing this bio, at least).


CoachSpeak: Jim Schwartz on the Bears offense

Second-year wide receiver Alshon Jeffery has been a big beneficiary in the Chicago Bears' new offense. Let's take a look at what Jeffery brings to the table.

CoachSpeak: Jim Schwartz on the Lions' returners

Let's spend the bye week thinking about the Detroit Lions' mostly ineffective returners and the situation going forward.

CoachSpeak: Schwartz on Bryant vs. Johnson

With the Detroit Lions facing the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday, let's jump on the Dez Bryant vs. Calvin Johnson media bandwagon and see how each team uses its superstar wide receiver.

CoachSpeak: Jim Schwartz on Darius Slay

The Detroit Lions' current rookie and former starter saw some significant action against Cleveland last week. Let's take a look at how he played.

CoachSpeak: Jim Schwartz on Jordan Cameron

A look at how the Cleveland Browns use their most consistent offensive weapon and thoughts on how the Detroit Lions might defend him.

CoachSpeak: Jim Schwartz on the offensive line

Jim Schwartz gave the Detroit Lions offensive line some well-deserved praise following the Week 4 victory over the Chicago Bears. Let's take a look at how Reggie Bush and his blockers complement...

CoachSpeak: Gunther Cunningham on Ziggy Ansah

Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham had some glowing praise for Ziggy Ansah following his standout performance in Week 3. A look at film should show us what Cunningham was...

CoachSpeak: Schwartz on Washington defense

Jim Schwartz spoke this week about the aggressiveness of the Washington defense. Let's take a look at some of the blitzes they use to attack offenses.

CoachSpeak: Schwartz on Bush and Lions offense

The Minnesota Vikings opted to take away Calvin Johnson in Week 1, and unlike 2012, the Detroit Lions made them pay for it.

CoachSpeak: Jim Schwartz on Lions' defensive line

Jim Schwartz recently mentioned that the Detroit Lions' defensive line will run the same scheme, but with different looks because of the size at defensive end. Here's a peek at what some of those...

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