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Report: Lions Remove Matt Millen


Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com is reporting that the Lions have "removed" Matt Millen from his job with the team. Glazer goes on to say that as of right now it isn't known if Millen was fired or if...

Bill Ford Jr. Says He Would Fire Matt Millen


Things have gone so badly for the Lions this season that vice chairman Bill Ford Jr. is starting to directly say that Matt Millen should be fired.  In the past, Ford Jr. would be asked about Millen...

Matt Millen Sounding More Delusional Than Ever Before


It's been awhile since Matt Millen has put his foot in his mouth, but today he did it over and over again with the things he said to the media.  You may want to sit down, because some of the things...

Tuesday Notes: Roy Williams Wants the Ball


Roy Williams isn't exactly happy with how he's being used and he voiced his frustrations to the media. "I really think I'm a role player right now," Williams said, adding that he doesn't even...

A Letter to the Organization


A reader of the site e-mailed me last week and included a letter he sent to the Lions after they lost to Atlanta.  Although this was written before the loss to the Packers, it still is relevant and...

Monday Notes: Packers Game Observations


Many fans are calling for the Lions to bench Jon Kitna, and although I really can't disagree that his three interceptions on three straight drives is uncalled for, do you really think Dan...

Matt Millen Is Delusional


I apologize for the "captain obvious" type of title, but it needs to be said after some recent comments Matt Millen made. As you all probably know by now, the Lions made a really bad commercial...

Tuesday Notes: Millen Goes on WJR


More details on Pride of Detroit's fantasy football league should be out shortly.  As of right now, I believe 9 people (including myself) have said they're interested in participating.  That...

Monday Notes: One Month to Training Camp


The Detroit Lions' 2008 training camp is a month or so away.  On July 23, players will report to Allen Park to get ready for the official start of practice a day later.  By that time the NFL...

Roster Transition Finally Complete?


With any coaching change, winning usually takes time.  If anything, winning with your own players definitely takes time, and that has been evident for the Detroit Lions in Rod Marinelli's first two...

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