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Most Hated Saints Tourney: Williams vs. Spagnuolo


We're close to crowning a winner as we kick off the Final 4 round of our epic "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament! Today's matchup is between Gregg Williams and Steve Spagnuolo. Who do...

Most Hated Saints Tourney: Spagnuolo vs Gramatica


Our epic "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament continues with another first round matchup! Today's matchup is between Steve Spagnuolo and Martin Gramatica. Who do you hate more? Polls...

Switching from 4-3 to 3-4: Much Ado About Nothing?


Do the Saints have what it takes to successfully switch to a 3-4 defense? It's the question on every Saints fans mind. But does it even matter?

Scott Shanle Slams Steve Spagnuolo


The former Saints linebacker takes a shot at his former defensive coordinator on Twitter.

Podcast: Special Guest Mike Karney on Spagnuolo


Former Saints fullback Mike Karney makes a special guest appearance and offers the most detailed and informative explanation on why the Saints defense was so bad in 2012.


Spagnuolo anyone?

http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/01/24/saints-fire-steve-spagnuolo-announce-plans-for-3-4-defense/ I would love to see the Colts go after him as their D-coordinator. I think it is the...

Steve Spagnuolo fired -- should Giants hire him?

With Steve Spagnuolo looking for work do you think the Giants should consider bringing him back to New York to replace Perry Fewell?

Life After Steve Spagnuolo: What's Next?


Two days after Sean Payton was reinstated, he surprised us all with the firing of Steve Spagnuolo. So now what?

Steve Spagnuolo: One and Done


It could have been a perfect marriage. Sean Payton's unstoppable offense paired with Steve Spagnuolo's disciplined defense. What could go wrong? Instead, what didn't go wrong?

Sean Payton, Saints Fire Steve Spagnuolo


Sean Payton has decided to get rid of defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo as the team switches to a 3-4 defense.

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