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Partying Like It's 1984

While the Lions continue to bring down Detroit sports, the former cellar dweller in the Motor City is making an unbelievable run in the MLB playoffs. That team I'm talking about is of course, the Detroit Tigers.

I personally, as a Tigers fan, just wanted to see them get to .500 this season, much like my hopes for the Lions prior to this season. Well, the Tigers got to .500 and a lot more. They made an amazing run of success during the spring, summer, and into the fall. It was a late dry spot in the schedule that eventually led to the Tigers conceding the division, but they still had clinched a playoff spot.

Following a comeback series win over the Yankees, the Tigers now find themselves coming home to Detroit with a 2-0 lead over Oakland in the ALCS. Baseball truly is back in Detroit, it's a site like no other. When Comerica Park fills up Friday night for game three of the ALCS, over 40,000 fans will be going crazy for the Tigers to get one step closer to the ultimate goal: a World Series ring.

That brings me to my final point. If a team like the Tigers, who set the AL record for most losses just a few years ago, can have such a quick turnaround, then why can't the Lions? I know the general response will be "Matt Millen and the Fords." But, just follow where I'm going with this. Any team can make a turnaround in just one season when the right coaches or managers are brought in. The Tigers have gone from MLB's joke for a team into a World Series contender. Who knows? Maybe the Lions can do that in 2007.

I understand that changes in management need to be made before any of this can happen, specifically with Matt Millen. It doesn't appear that that will happen anytime soon, so we may just have to deal with it for a bit longer. What's sad is that it may actually take an 0-16 season to finally get that change made. Now, nobody wants to see their team go winless, but at this point, if it led to Matt Millen getting canned, then it may be the only way. That missing piece of the puzzle could just be a new general manager. Why continue something that hasn't worked for year upon year?

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