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Initial Injury Report Released

All of this talk of injuries really has become flat-out frustrating. So many great players are left stuck on the sidelines simply because of a few injuries. There's many players that haven't seen the field all season, and then after the Minnesota game last weekend, more that could be out for quite some time.

So, here's the latest injury update for the Buffalo game this weekend.


*DT Shaun Cody (Toe)
*S Kenoy Kennedy (Foot)
*LB Alex Lewis (Knee)
*RG Damien Woody (Foot; on IR)

What's so disappointing is that this list seems to grow each and every week. Shaun Cody is added as he left the Minnesota game with a toe injury, and that is being looked into further, but for right now, he won't be playing against the Bills. Kenoy Kennedy and Alex Lewis continue to remain on the injury report, just as they have been for the past few weeks. Finally, Damien Woody, as mentioned yesterday, is out for the remaining games this season as he was placed on IR.


*T Rex Tucker (Knee)
*G Ross Verba (Hamstring)

The two lineman who Detroit really need to have back on the field may be listed as questionable, but reports are stating that the two probably are not going to play this weekend. The sooner they get back in the starting spots the better.


*RB Shawn Bryson (Knee)
*T Barry Stokes (Ankle)
*WR Roy Williams (Back)

One of those other offensive lineman who continue to be placed on the injury report, Barry Stokes, also need to get back in order to help the depth at that position. Stokes is working his way back, and has made progress, so he could play this Sunday. As for the other two injuries, this is the first I had heard about Shawn Bryson being injured, but it must not be too serious. Bryson isn't a necessity to have playing, but he's good in those situations where a running back goes out for a pass or something of that sort. Finally, the most important player to get back on the field is star receiver Roy Williams. Williams left on the first possession against Minnesota and never returned due to a stinger in his back. Williams has to get back to help out the Lions' strongest point this season: the passing game.

All of the injuries have hurt not only the players literally, but the team in the sense that a lot of those starting players have been absent for quite some time now. It'll be vital for these injuries to go away in the next couple of weeks, and to get most of those players back as all of them can help out this struggling team.

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