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Shaun Rogers Suspended for 4 Games

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Just when you thought things involving the Lions were on the upswing, something like this next story comes along and puts us farther behind than we were last week.

In what comes as a huge hit on defense, Pro Bowl d-lineman Shaun Rogers has been suspended for 4 games without pay due to violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.  

The early reports coming in are that Rogers tested positive for a banned appetite suppressant.  Rogers, who had suffered from sleep apnea before having his tonsils removed during training camp, often ate late at night when he couldn't sleep.  That led to his weight being very high at 340 pounds.  Not only was it important for his weight to be down because he's a NFL player, but also for his health.  That weight problem led to Rogers taking an over-the-counter GNC supplement that he did not actually know was forbidden.

What's really interesting about this suspension is that the actual failed test came way back in training camp, but was not announced until now.  Due to the 4 game suspension, Shaun Rogers won't be eligible to play again until the Thanksgiving game against Miami.  With his time off, Rogers should be able to get back to 100% in an injury-sense.  He's been suffering from numerous injuries in the last few weeks, and can use this time to get back to full strength.