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The Bye Week Is Upon Us

As the NFL season continues to truck along and the teams prepare for their games this weekend, the Lions get to sit at home and relax as they don't have a game until next week.  With the bye week, which every team gets once during the regular season, teams get a week off from playing a game.  That doesn't necessarily mean everything stops in Allen Park, but it does give all of the players some time to rest and relax.

The bye week can have a different effect on teams depending on some circumstances.  For example, a team that is hot and just isn't making any mistakes, a bye week could screw up the momentum and cool the team off.  But, a reverse effect of that could happen with a team like the Lions.  Detroit is 1-6 in this bye week, and will look to come out of it with a chip on their shoulder to get more wins.  

For the Lions, this bye week is exactly what the doctor ordered.  There's a ton of injuries and banged up players that need an extended time to rest up and get back to full health, so the bye week can help provide that.  Also, with a 1-6 record, things really can't possibly get any worse.  There isn't any momentum to be lost, but more-so momentum to be gained.  

The first game after a bye week can really feel like the start of a new season.  For Detroit, if that's the case, then hopefully it won't take as long to get that first win.  It shouldn't if you look ahead at the schedule.  Not to cut down anyone else as you can't get much worse than the Lions, but some of the teams remaining for Detroit to play may be right down there at our level.  What that means is that the Lions actually could pickup a few, dare I say, easy wins.

That discussion of how many wins exactly they can pickup is for another post later this week, but for right now, let's just enjoy not having to think too much about the Lions.  It's hard to believe the second half of the NFL season is about to start, and it actually is a little depressing.  We try not to think about the Lions in this bye week, but before you know it we won't be thinking about them again until April.  So, after Sunday passes, get your game faces on and be prepared for another promising-to-disappoint game.

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