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Week 8 Open Discussion Thread

The Lions may not be playing this week, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of other great games to watch.  Week 8 promises to showcase some of the best and worse teams, and really comes as a key situation for everyone in the NFL.  The halfway point in the NFL season is here, and with that, it's make it or break it time.  

Below you can find a schedule of the games with both time and TV station.  Remember, the Lions take the field again next Sunday against the Falcons, but until then, enjoy this weekend of NFL football and if you have any comments about games this weekend, post them here.

1:00 PM   San Francisco @ Chicago
1:00 PM   Atlanta @ Cincinnati
1:00 PM   Seattle @ Kansas City
1:00 PM   Arizona @ Green Bay
1:00 PM   Tampa Bay @ NY Giants
4:05 PM   St. Louis @ San Diego

1:00 PM   Houston @ Tennessee
1:00 PM   Jacksonville @ Philadelphia
1:00 PM   Baltimore @ New Orleans
4:15 PM   Pittsburgh @ Oakland
4:15 PM   Indianapolis @ Denver
4:15 PM   NY Jets @ Cleveland

8:15 PM   Dallas @ Carolina

8:30 PM   New England @ Minnesota

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour as Daylight Saving Time ends. Your schedule may be thrown off a bit, but look on the brightside, you get an extra hour of sleep.

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