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Damien Woody Sued By Ex-Girlfriend

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for Damien Woody, they do.  Just a few weeks after being placed on the injured reserve, which ended his season, the Lions offensive lineman is now being sued by an ex-girlfriend.

Gina Ballard is claiming many different things against Damien Woody that range from breaking up an engagement to making false promises to now seeking $250,000 in damages.

This all started when Woody allegedly broke up an engagement involving Ballard and her then fiance.  Woody apparently "wooed her" and made many promises that he did not keep according to Ballard.  

At the start of this relationship Ballard states that Woody concealed the fact that he was married and had kids, but when that was found out, told her he would get a divorce.  But, instead, Woody changed his mind, which is probably the main reason this lawsuit is happening.  

Once becoming involved, the two became pretty serious, and Woody actually bought a house for her.  The only catch was that she had to manage the house while he was away and assist him in out-of-town trips.  Also, Woody allegedly promised to buy Ballard a $250,000 business.

This lawsuit now comes after Ballard is saying that Woody backed out on those promises and also providing a car and support for her, and then not buying that business.  She now seeks that money that would've bought the business in this case.  

Where this all goes will be up to the courts, but I really find this whole story a bit fishy.  The two reportedly broke up in July of this year, so this just now popping up seems suspicious.  It's probably for the best that all of this happens now rather than when Woody could still play, because you have to imagine it would be a distraction.  Either way, now Woody not only can't get on the field, but has to go through a lawsuit.  

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