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When Roy Williams Opens His Mouth Stupid Things Come Out

Way back after that loss to Seattle when Roy Williams decided to start what would become a string of dumb comments, I felt that he should just shut up and let his play do the talking.  Williams stated that the Lions left 40 points on the board even though only 6 were scored, and also guaranteed a victory against Chicago the following week.  Well, Chicago ended up winning 34-7 and Williams showboated after getting a first down even though the Lions were being blown out, and he got called on it.  Some of his answers hinted towards the mindset that he didn't care about winning.  

Since then, we haven't heard from Roy Williams as much as usual, and that has turned out to help his game you could almost say.  He is at the top of the league in receiving yards and has really been impressive recently.  

Well, it was too good to be true as Williams has made another statement that is a little out there.

"I'm going to say we can put this together.  I feel we are a 9-0 ballclub.  It's tough to be 1-6.  We are not a 1-6 ballclub.  We can be 10-6 -- sure we can. Can we win nine in a row? I believe it."

Now, if Roy was asked how he feels about the record down the road, I wouldn't imagine a player to say anything different.  I mean, nobody is going to say we aren't going to win every game, but why doesn't Roy just plead the fifth or something like that.  This is just more fuel for the fire or more bulletin board material; even though you don't need much when playing the Lions.  

Anyways, it isn't up there as the dumbest thing Roy Williams has said, but it's just another thing to add to that ever-growing list.

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