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Mike Martz's Stay In Detroit Shortened?

There may be a downside to the recent success of Mike Martz's offense in Detroit.  Jon Kitna looks better than ever.  Roy Williams is back to his Pro Bowl-caliber ways.  Even Mike Furrey, who converted from safety to wide receiver, is playing great football right now.  

I haven't seen the Lions offense play this good in quite some time in the sense that they score, but also control the ball.  Without a doubt, the Mike Martz system has worked in Detroit.  By the end of the season it'll probably even be one of the best in the league if you think about it statistically.  The only problem with that is that Mike Martz may be lured into a head coaching position because of the great offense that we're seeing in Detroit.

Martz was a head coach for many years before, and as an offensive coordinator here in Detroit, he is proving that he deserves another job with the title of head coach.  That would certainly hurt Detroit's offense badly down the road.  Without Mike Martz, you're looking at a lot less touchdowns throughout a game and less yards on every play.  His system just works with this team.

At the midpoint of this season, many coaches are having some troubles with their teams, and in turn have been placed on the hotseat.  With that, the inevitability of many being fired comes, which means that some spots will be open.  One job especially already being talked about for Mike Martz is that of the Arizona Cardinals.  As the excerpt below states, Martz would be a perfect fit in the Cardinals organization.

If and when the Cardinals and Dennis Green go their separate ways -- and who doesn't expect that to happen? -- look for one of the leading candidates for the job, if not the leading candidate, to be Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

It's a no-brainer on so many levels.

For starters, Martz could be the exact offensive-minded coach the Cardinals need to jolt their fan base and capture their players' attention. Martz would be able to get the maximum out of the plethora of offensive talent that the Cardinals have. In Martz's system, quarterback Matt Leinart, running back Edgerrin James, and wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin would be expected to thrive.

I think it will be vital for Detroit to keep Mike Martz around for as long as possible.  The offense not only flows better since he's taken over as offensive coordinator, but they're also much more efficient.  It will take a lot to prevent him from leaving to be a head coach, but Matt Millen has to come up with one of his "bright ideas" to ensure not only that Mike Martz stays, but that Detroit will still have a decent offense.

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