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DeAngelo Hall Responds to Raiola Threats

Following the upset victory by the Lions against Atlanta, Dominic Raiola, Detroit's center, had some threatening comments directed toward DeAngelo Hall.  The Falcons cornerback (Hall) had hit Jon Kitna as he was sliding to the ground in what appeared to be a dirty and unnecessary play. Kitna also was roughed up in the pile afterwards by Hall, and in order to defend his QB, Raiola said that he will take "his head off" (in regards to Hall).  Since that interesting interview, DeAngelo Hall has come back basically saying to bring it on.

"He can come see me. This goes way beyond football. I don't know who he thinks he's talking to but that's my address, that's my phone number. Make sure he gets it and tell him to come see me."

By that statement, it certainly sounds like DeAngelo Hall will gladly get into a scuffle with Raiola if it were to escalate to that.  

I definitely hope the Falcons are on the 2007 schedule so this entire confrontation can be settled on the football field.  Whether it be just blocking Hall or just simply putting a hit on him that he won't forget, finishing it off on the field is much better than somewhere else.  

I'll tell you this much, DeAngelo Hall likes to talk a lot of trash, and so far he hasn't backed it up that much when it comes to Lions players.  Remember, Roy Williams did have a great game when Hall was talking smack about him not being a Pro Bowler.

I'm sure this won't be the last time the two exchange comments with each other, so stay tuned.

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