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Week 11 Notes

Michigan/Ohio State week has got the best of me and has completely limited my posting here at Pride of Detroit, but with the game in Arizona just one day away, here are some notes to get you ready.

  • It appears that Mike Williams is all but done as a Detroit Lion. The wide receiver hasn't even been active in quite a while, and is now is getting less reps in practice than a backup quarterback. That's right, Josh McCown has been practicing at wide receiver. Why on earth is our backup QB trying out at WR exactly? Well, Mike Martz likes the awareness, speed, and catching ability that McCown has, and we could see him play as a fourth receiver in the next few weeks. Martz made it specified that McCown would only be used in safe situations, meaning that there wouldn't be any crossing patterns, ensuring that he wouldn't get injured.

    Once the season ends, all the speculation of Mike Williams being cut are probably going to come true. His days in a Lions uniform are numbered.

  • The constant changing of the wide receiver position after Roy Williams and Mike Furrey continued as Kevin Kasper was cut and Corey Bradford was re-signed. Bradford had been let go earlier in the year, and now is back. We'll see how long it is until another transaction at the wide receiver position, but from recent activity, I'd expect it to be pretty soon.

  • Joe Cullen, the Lions defensive line coach that was arrested on two separate occasions back before the season started after charges of nude and drunk driving, was in court earlier this week to get an update about the status of his trial. Cullen was informed by a judge that if he remains in a treatment program and can keep away from any more trouble that he could enter a plea deal. The incidents happened on August 24th and September 1st and led to Cullen being suspended for the first game of the season.

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