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Mid-Week Smack Talk

Roy Williams is very open and honest when talking with the media, and that has been shown a few times this year when some of his comments were rather dumb sounding you could say. But, there's nothing like some old-fashioned trash talking to get ready for a football game. Trash talking has long been apart of almost every sport, and really is just a way for players to verbally beat their opponents. For Roy Williams and Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall, things are no different.

As an encore to his thoughts that the Lions can win out to finish the season on a 9-0 run, Roy Williams had some things to say about DeAngelo Hall earlier this week, and now the Falcons corner is coming back with some of his own remarks.

First, here's what Roy Williams had to say about Hall.

"I don't understand how he's the best DB. I think the media pumps him up. He's not a man-to-man guy, he's a zone guy. He's in the right place at the right time for his interceptions. It's not like he's in man-to-man, and jumping routes, to pick balls off."

Now, for the rebuttal. DeAngelo Hall's comments:

"I play the game. I'm a Pro Bowler, he's not. I'm considered one of the best at what I do, he's not. So, all the other stuff, we'll see on Sunday. I went up there last year and had a pretty good game against those guys so I'm not too worried about any of those guys, as far as them saying I'm not a good corner and I need help over the top."

It seems that Hall has become pretty active in the smack talk game as just last week he and "Ocho Cinco" had a little fun going back and forth leading up to the game. Roy Williams will be an important piece in the Lions' offense if they want to get a win in this game.

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