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It's Time for a Change

Lions fans have suffered long enough. The time for a change is long overdue, but not enough where the pieces can't be picked up.

Since 2001, the Detroit Lions haven't had a winning season, haven't been to the playoffs, and haven't even played to the point where their opponents' can respect them. An organization that was defined by one of the best ever in Barry Sanders has now become the laughing stock of the NFL. Sure, the Lions' record during the 90's wasn't the outstanding, but it was a million times better than where we are right now.

When Matt Millen took over people were shocked. No one expected a broadcaster with no managerial experience to suddenly be handed the control of a NFL team. Now you understand why that probably isn't a great idea to hire someone with no previous experience in any job at this level.

The Lions have been embarrassing since Matt Millen was hired. Their record is by far the worst of any team over this span, and some of the moves made speak for themselves. While the rest of America has been able to make fun of the Lions so many different times, other teams that were in this position at one point have been building to become better. The Lions on the other hand, have stayed right where they were at, and now seem to be getting worse.

This is why I don't think but rather know it's time for a change. To be fair to the every fan, Matt Millen has to be fired. It's not even a question anymore. The past years when Millen has managed this team, the records started off horrific, seemed to be improving, and now are back to the beginning. Detroit just couldn't get over that hump and now once again only have 2 wins.

The immediate impact of Matt Millen being fired can't heal the wounds of a 2-9 season or undo all of the past mistakes, but it can change the attitude of this franchise. The aura surrounding the Detroit Lions is one of a losing mentality. Every week when Detroit goes out to play, you don't expect them to win but instead hope. The thought of what dumb thing Matt Millen will do next always is in the back of everybody's head, and that goes all the way to the heart of the players and coaches.

Firing Matt Millen would rid the Detroit Lions of not necessarily a curse, but more an obstacle that has been in their way since 2001. Parting ways with Millen would end an era filled with bad draft picks and losing, and then could let us move on and start to rebuild. The time is now. If the Fords keep Matt Millen around for too much longer the amount of fans that are ready to jump-ship will be a blow that could leave this organization devastated. Sure, people will still attend the games and watch on TV, but the true fans that have been there for decades are irreplaceable.

I actually feel bad for Millen in a way because he's a nice guy. The problem is he just doesn't know how to run a team. The only way to fix that problem is to get rid of him. I understand that it will be a hard thing for the Fords to do, but just think of the positive atmosphere it would create. The team itself could begin to focus on getting in that right direction, and fans could finally feel like that weight has been taken off their shoulders. I know I would.

The inevitable ending for this long and depressing story is with Matt Millen's firing. The question is when this ending will happen. Waiting until next season just won't do. That implants the attitude to everyone that there isn't a care about fixing the problems that have plagued this franchise for so many years now. Whether the trigger is pulled tomorrow, Tuesday, or down the road after the season, all I know is that the only way for this sorrowful tale to have a good ending is for Matt Millen to be given the boot.

To the Fords, I plead to you that Matt Millen is fired soon rather than later. This effect of bringing a losing attitude has to stop before it is so great that nothing will ever change. All hope won't be lost. Just please, say those magic words that will revive a dying organization.

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