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Mike Williams to Get a Shot?

For the first time in weeks, Mike Williams was activated and played for the Lions' offense.  The former first round draft pick hadn't suited up for Detroit in a string of many games, and finally re-took the field Thursday against Miami.  This may just be the beginning.  

It was just recently that Mike Williams' name came about in the press because of speculation that he would be cut immediately after the season ended.  Many were unsure if he would ever play football in the NFL again if a cut did happen.  Now, the opinion seems to be changing.

In his first game back, Mike Williams had one catch.  Although that may not seem like a big deal, the fact that he even played is one to take notice of.  With the consensus being that his stay in Detroit was over, I just figured he wouldn't play at all again this season.  As it turns out, we may get another look at him Sunday.

No official word has been given as to whether Williams will be active against the Patriots, but the fact that he is getting along with the coaches gives some hope.  According to Tom Kowalski, writer of "Lions Bulletin" over at, Williams seems to be maturing and taking a more reasonable approach toward things.

I've had a couple of lengthy chats with Williams over the last week and I told him I didn't think he had the desire to play pro football beyond this year and that he was a master of telling people what they want to hear. I was surprised by the level of maturity in which he responded; he didn't get mad or blow off the comments, he basically said there was nothing he could say to change people's perceptions about him, he could only do it with hard work on the field.

Hard work and Mike Williams in the same sentence?  That doesn't seem right.  All summer long we heard that BMW hadn't been giving it his all during the training camps and once actual practice hit did much of the same.  Some reports have said that Mike Martz even wanted to cut him.  That work ethic was probably the biggest problem in keeping him off the active list for so many Sundays, and now that his attitude may be changing, his playing time may be as well.  If Williams can continue to work hard during practice and stay on the coaches' good side, then we may be seeing more of him soon.

I certainly hope we get a better look at BMW by the end of the season because if he's still around come next summer, talks of Charles Rogers being cut will be in the back of everyone's mind.  I agree that Rogers had to go, but let's not give up on another first round pick too quickly.  Who knows?  Maybe he can one day become a good NFL receiver.  That won't happen if he's not given the chance, so play him, and then take it from there.

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