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Dominic Raiola Wants Revenge On DeAngelo Hall

Last week it was Roy Williams and Atlanta's DeAngelo Hall that were talking some trash to each other to get ready for their meeting that occurred on Sunday, but now another Lions player is getting in on the action. Lions center Dominic Raiola had some pretty tough comments about the defensive back yesterday when he was asked about the cheap shot delivered to Jon Kitna.

The actual hit itself led to a span of different events. After a 17 yard scramble, Jon Kitna slid down to avoid a hit, but in fact was clocked on the head at a bad angle from DeAngelo Hall. Kitna was fine, but Hall definitely came in and put the hit on late. That was only the beginning. Following the hit, Jon Kitna jumped on a separate Falcons defender and then Hall came back in to put another blow on Kitna. The Lions quarterback even had a huge mark on the side of his face after the mini-brawl since his helmet came off.

Even though the Lions did win on Sunday, that's not the impression you would get from Dominic Raiola's interview yesterday. Here are just a few of his comments regarding DeAngelo Hall.

Q: What if you come back as an alumnus, and you're sitting in the seats?

A: "I might get him out of the seats. I might attack him out of the stands. You know? I might get him if I see him on the street. I don't know."

"That's cheap. That's cheap, man. He's done that two weeks in a row now, try to hurt somebody."

Q: Do you think they'll come out and fine him?

A: "They'll fine him for that. For sure. Cause when Kit went after (Michael) Boley, DeAngelo Hall came after Kit, in the back of his head. So..."

"When I think about that I get fired up. They try to protect quarterbacks, and then they take a shot like that at him. All Kit was doing was standing up for himself, you know? He was in a defenseless position. DeAngelo came with an elbow in the back of his head."

"That's behind us now. They probably think that game's behind them. We've got bigger and better things to worry about. I promise you, if I see him on the field again I will try and take his head off. I'm serious... That's all I've got to say about that."

I especially like that last paragraph the most from all of his comments. This shows that the Lions aren't going to take anyone's crap, and also that they aren't going to just bow down and let players take cheap shots on their teammates. This is good to see Raiola sticking up for his quarterback because Kitna could've really gotten hurt from a hit like that. It'll definitely be interesting to see how Raiola and Hall react to each other next time these two teams meet if both players don't change teams. The possibility of the Lions and Falcons being opponents again comes as soon as next year depending on how the scheduling works out.

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