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Kitna Impresses Teammates With More Than Just Good Play

As mentioned above, Jon Kitna was involved in a skirmish with a couple of Falcons players on Sunday after a cheap shot taken by DeAngelo Hall.  Kitna was sliding down to end a good scramble that I believe got the Lions a first down.  When Kitna was on the ground and almost fully done with the slide, DeAngelo Hall came and hit Kitna in the head with his arms in what appeared to be a blatant attempt to hurt him.

Proceeding the late hit, Kitna jumped on Michael Boley, a Falcons linebacker, since he thought that Boley had hit him.  I think Boley may have made contact with Kitna, but just not as much as Hall did.  Anyways, Kitna leaped onto Boley and almost got into a fight with him.  DeAngelo Hall came and got in another hit to Kitna's head before Jon finally got out of the pile.  

It was very dangerous for the quarterback to be almost fighting a linebacker, but it shows the heart that Kitna has.  Not only did his teammates come in and step up for him, but he himself showed his toughness.  Kitna got hit in the head twice by DeAngelo Hall and was piled on but still stood up for himself.  That undoubtedly shows that Kitna wants to be a leader, and a few of his teammates recognize that as well, especially Cory Redding.

"I record the game every week myself, just to go and watch what's going on so I can get a sense of what I can say to my coaches whenever they ask me questions on the defensive side of the ball. But I got a chance to watch that, and man, I rewound that like 10 times."

"Just seeing him get up, not even hit the guy who hit him, but just saw another color and went at him. That's temporary insanity, you know. That guy just went after him. That's what you want to see. I would have have that guy in my foxhole any day. Just get up and go after somebody, you don't see that out of quarterbacks."

"Jon came in this morning and I was teasing him, but hey... it's one of them deals, you know?"

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