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Jones Injury Worse Than Expected

During Sunday's game against Minnesota, Kevin Jones was carted off the field after sustaining an injury to his leg. The early prognosis on the injury led many to believe that it was pretty serious. The likely case was that Jones would be out for the season considering there are only three weeks remaining. Now, however, we are all getting more information, and the news coming back is not good.

It is being reported by various news sources that Jones will visit a specialist in Charlotte today and then have surgery by the end of the week. The specific injury itself is categorized as a lisfranc fracture, which is pretty serious. The usual recovery time is usually around six or so months, but it can vary greatly. This is where the status of Jones gets a little iffy.

Depending on the severity of the fracture, Jones may not be ready for the start of next season. The chances of him being back for training camp are slim, which makes him getting out on the field by the start of the 2007 very unlikely.

This is a huge blow to a Lions offense that has been struggling recently. Not only for the end of this season but also for next year. If Jones isn't ready by next September, then Detroit has to think long and hard about what offseason moves to make if any to fill the void. Brian Calhoun and Shawn Bryson, who are currently on the injured reserve, should be back next year, so they could fill in if needed. Also, there is Arlen Harris, who will see a lot of time in the coming weeks at starting running back, meaning he could be an option too.

The most important thing out of all this is for Jones to have a speedy yet healthy recovery. Detroit can't afford to lose another first round draft pick from year's past, especially one that is a big part of the Mike Martz offense. Jones is one of the leading receivers and is about the only one that can have any success behind this weak offensive line.

Check back here at Pride of Detroit for more information once it becomes available on the Kevin Jones injury situation.

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