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Becoming Indifferent

As the 14th game of the 2006 season for Detroit is set to kickoff Sunday, the time of the year when Lions fans give up all hope is here.  I'm not just talking about saying the usual there's always next year type of thing, but literally giving up on the team.  

Personally, with the Lions' record currently at 2-11, I really don't care if they win or lose their remaining games.  A win would be nice just because it's a win, but if and when Detroit loses, I simply am apathetic.  There isn't anything to play for anymore, that is, except for a number one overall draft pick.

Many Lions fans I've talked to are cheering against the team in the remaining three games in hopes of holding on to the league's worst record.  Cheering against your team is never usually something to be condoned, but at times like this it may be necessary.  Something has to be done to open William Clay Ford's eyes to show him that fan support is fading.  Although the "Fire Millen" campaign has been going strong for the last few years, Ford Field is almost always filled.  If Millen is still around after this season, then the fans have to start protesting in a different type of way. Obviously, the petitions, marches, and chants aren't doing anything, so now it's time to start fighting back financially.  Just don't buy tickets anymore.

As I see it, William Clay Ford doesn't seem to care about this team either since Matt Millen is still here.  The only thing that matters to him is if money is coming in, which it is.  Once the profits start to drop and less people attend the games, maybe then he will see the overall hatred towards the direction of this franchise.

Who would've ever thought it would take cheering against your own team to help get Matt Millen out.  If there's one thing that can be said about Lions fans, it's that no matter how bad the team is or how stupid the management looks, the fans always are behind their team.  However, during times like this, it may be time to change that as staying behind the Lions hasn't gotten anything done.  All I know is that Ford has to do something soon to jump-start this team and to show the fans that he is willing to help get the Lions back to winning ways.  Otherwise, this trend of losing will get so old that fans will start to shy away from games, and eventually, there will be hardly any support at all.  

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