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Sloppiness Continues As Lions Lose 17-9

As I opened the recap of last week's loss, I stated that you would think by such a late point in the season, the great amount of mistakes would be limited. Usually as a season goes on, teams get better and more used to each other where they don't make those little miscues that just frustrate everyone. Apparently the Detroit Lions don't take to this method. Yesterday, Detroit was once again flat out embarrassed even though their opponent played nearly as bad of a game. The Packers committed four turnovers and seemed to be on the path to giving the game away. But Detroit's mediocre style trumped Green Bay's as the Lions lost 17-9.

Out of all the games this season, including what is now 12 losses, many of them have been tough to stomach, especially in recent memory. Every once in a while a team could have the occasional game where nothing goes right, but for Detroit every week seems like that. This game was no exception. Detroit played one of their worst games all season as some of you pointed out in the open thread. The Packers weren't all that much better either, which made for a horrific game in general to watch. Let's just say, if you wanted to get in a nap Sunday afternoon, the Lions helped out dearly.

I'm really not even sure where to begin this recap. The game itself was just so bad from every aspect that it's hard to even talk about it. Anyways, the first quarter was filled with three and outs by both teams, which just led to a punters duel. Eventually though, Detroit got into a spot where not getting a first down just led to a Jason Hanson field goal. The lead wouldn't last long however as Green Bay caused an interception to negate a turnover of their own. The Packers got down the field to kick a field goal from 24 yards out to tie the game up at 3-3 after 15 minutes of play.

In the second quarter, more turnovers would be the story. Brett Favre threw an interception, but Detroit couldn't capitalize. Instead of getting a drive going, they just quickly punted the ball away. On the punt return, Charles Woodson fumbled and Detroit did actually recover for about one second. Then, after not getting a good enough grip on the ball, Alex Lewis fumbled it back over to Green Bay. Following the loss of possession momentarily, Green Bay went down the field and scored on a 14 yard touchdown run by Vernand Morency. At the half, the Packers led 10-3.

To start the third quarter, Jason Hanson got to work again by hitting a 42 yard field goal to get Detroit within 4. That was all the scoring in this quarter of mediocre football. The fourth wouldn't be much different. Jason Hanson converted his third field goal of the day to cut the lead down to 10-9 early on in the final quarter of action. Detroit's dismal offense was showcased prior to the field goal. After getting another interception, this time deep in the redzone, bad playcalling led to the Lions settling for a field goal. Two short runs by Arlen Harris and a botched QB sneak up the middle by Jon Kitna led to fourth down.

With the margin down to only 1 point, Green Bay came out to put the Lions' hopes away once and for all. The Packers got down the field and used up nearly 7 minutes of the clock with a drive that was capped off by Vernand Morency for a second time on the day. Morency ran 21 yards this time to get to the endzone, making the score 17-9, which is what it would end up when time ran out.

Another day and another downright embarrassing performance by the Detroit Lions. From Jon Kitna fumbling the ball on a 4th and 1 to the numerous amount of other turnovers to the overall lackadaisical feeling of this game, it was all a sad sight to see. I don't know how much more of this I can take. One thing is for certain, the end of the season being only two more weeks away means that soon this agony will be over until next August; on the field that is. Next week the Bears comes to town with nothing left to really play for as they have clinched home field advantage. It'll be the last home game of the season, so make sure to get in your "Fire Millen" chants next Sunday one last time. The Lions won't be looking for a win at this point, but rather to just keep it where people aren't flat out laughing at how bad this team really is. Check back here for the recap next week.