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Mike Williams Getting a Shot

If you just took a glance at yesterday's boxscore to see who led Detroit in receiving, then the name Williams might not be that big of a surprise. Of course you're probably thinking it was Roy Williams, who is one of Detroit's better players. Well, it was actually Mike Williams that had the most output from all Detroit receivers. That's right, the Mike Williams.

All season long it has been up and down for Mike Williams, and it appears now that he may actually be getting a shot at some playing time. So far, Williams hadn't even been active most of the season until recent games because he was in the Mike Martz doghouse. Some reports even suggested that Martz wanted to cut the receiver after training camp. As it turns out, someone saved his job in Detroit, and now he has worked hard enough in practice to be deserving of some playing time.

In the last couple of months, many began speculating that Williams would be cut at the conclusion of this season. Now, however, it appears that the coaching staff is evaluating Williams before making any big decisions; finally something I can get on-board with. I haven't had any respect for Williams in the past as he just hasn't shown anything. Not only did he slack off in practice, but he acted like he couldn't care less about playing at all.

This year was a chance for Williams. After being on the non-actives list so many times, he really seemed to start working hard. That had to have happened in order for the coaches to play Williams so much recently. Even though he has only been in on a very small amount of snaps in retrospect, the amount Williams is receiving is a lot when talking about him.

Mike Williams especially had a great opportunity against Green Bay yesterday to show off what he's got. He had 3 catches for 42 yards, and although that may not seem like that big of a deal, when Mike Williams makes any catch people take notice. Aside from the statistical part, Williams did seem to show some good qualities. His size is something that can definitely be used when catching a ball. If Williams jumps at the right time, a defender may not even have a chance when going against him because of his height. Plus, the fact that he exhibits catching ability doesn't hurt either.

When it comes down to it, I really hope that Mike Williams isn't cut at this moment in time. When given the chance to play, Williams has seemed to make the most of it. He did lead Detroit receivers in yards and caught Kitna's longest pass on the day at Lambeau on Sunday, so that tells you something. I just don't want to see another former first round draft pick go to waste. Charles Rogers was a headcase, and it appeared that Mike Williams wasn't all that different. But now that the coaches have stepped in, Mike Williams is on the right track to being a decent receiver. All I hope for is that he is played more so we do see what he has to offer.