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Marshall Faulk to Detroit in '07?

With Kevin Jones' status regarding the 2007 season in question following a serious leg injury, Detroit may have to start considering a backup plan. As of right now, the extent of the injury was bad enough where Jones could be out for nearly all of next season, leaving Detroit without a starting running back.

Some of the backup plans that have already been discussed include just going with what the Lions already have, drafting a running back (possibly Adrian Peterson if he were to go pro), and also bringing in someone new. Out of all the scenarios that have been talked about, a new one has emerged that is very intriguing.

The possibility of bringing in Marshall Faulk, who had a great career while playing for Mike Martz, is there. Faulk has been on the injured reserve this season due to an injury, but has said that he would like to play football again next year. It seems unlikely that the Rams will keep him considering Stephen Jackson has taken over as the starting running back and has played well. That leaves St. Louis with the chance to send him somewhere else as keeping him as a bench player serves no purpose.

Now, the only downside to all of this is the question marks surrounding Faulk. You can't really tell if he is going to be completely healed from his injury, and at the same time, if his age would play a factor. By no means would he be as good as his past years, but bringing him in as an insurance policy wouldn't be a bad thing.

When asked about it, this is what Mike Martz had to say:

"Shoot, I'd ride a bicycle up to pick him up. I don't know. That's not my decision. That's something that coach Marinelli and management would have to discuss."

Until we find out more about how long Kevin Jones is out, no decisions would obviously be made. But just keep this thought in the back of your head if Detroit does need a running back to step in for Jones next year.