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Cullen Suspended for Bears Game

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Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen was suspended by the NFL for one game and also fined $20,000 for his actions prior to the start of this season.  As you probably remember, Cullen was arrested on two separate occasions for nude driving and also a DUI.  The two charges led to him being suspended by the Lions for the season opener against Seattle.

Although he already served a one game suspension handed down by the Lions, the NFL is adding on one more game due to his actions.

Cullen, 39, was ticketed and cited in August, during training camp when he allegedly went through the drive-in window at a fast-food restaurant late at night and the server noticed he was naked. A week later, he was stopped for erratic driving and registered a blood alcohol content of .12 on a breathalyzer test. The legal limit in Michigan in .08.

Cullen will serve his suspension this weekend when Detroit takes on Chicago.  Since this suspension is coming from the NFL, Cullen isn't allowed to work with the Lions this week or attend the game.