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SBN Adds Another NFL Blog

Even though the 2006 regular season for the NFL is almost over, that doesn't mean that SB Nation can't add a new blog to the football section.  Already over the course of this season SBN has greatly grown in size when relating to the NFL section, and it just keeps getting bigger.  

The latest blog to join the network is Niners Nation. Obviously, this blog will be covering the San Francisco 49ers.  The 49ers are a team that is very close to getting back into the playoffs, but needs a lot of help.  Even if they don't get into the postseason, this has been a great season for San Francisco in the sense that there is some promise in the future.  Frank Gore has turned into one of the league's better running backs, and Alex Smith has shown he can be a solid QB.

Please head on over to Niners Nation to help welcome Fooch to the SBN family.  Before you know it, all 32 NFL teams will be represented.