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End of the Week Notes

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The second to last game of the season is almost here, and to help get you ready for that and also to take a look at some of the latest stories, here are some end of the week notes.

  • The injured reserve got bigger again earlier this week.  It may not even seem possible anymore for more players to head to the IR, but that is the reality.  Offensive lineman Barry Stokes and defensive tackle Marcus Bell both were placed on the IR.  Stokes is suffering from an ankle injury and Bell a broken hand.  To fill the open roster spots, Lamar Gordon, Langston Moore, and Clint Stickdorn were signed.  Anthony Sherrell was released.

  • The Pro Bowl rosters were announced and take a wild guess at how many Lions are on the team.  Zero.  That's right, no Detroit players made the team.  Earlier in the year it seemed as though Roy Williams had a shot, but he has faded out in the last month or so and wasn't even named as a reserve.

  • The Bears surprisingly won't rest their starters during Sunday's game.  Even though Chicago has sewn up the best record in the NFC, clinching home-field advantage, they will be playing at full strength whereas Detroit is going to soon be signing fans to fill in all of the gaps.

  • The NFL made a pretty cool site to test which bandwagon you should jump on for the playoffs. It asks you a series of questions to help determine which team still alive in the hunt gets your cheers.  As Lions fans, I suggest doing this considering Detroit is as far away from the playoffs as possible.

  • The Lions will wear their alternate black jerseys for Sunday's game.  This is only the second time all season they have done this.  The first time came in the season opener when Seattle just squeaked by on a field goal.