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Bears Postgame Notes

The Lions lost again, but did manage to do some things right against the Bears on Sunday.  Here are some postgame notes.

  • Devin Hester wasn't able to do much as a kick or punt returner against Detroit.  Although he does have 6 touchdown returns on the season, the Lions contained him thanks to great coverage and especially great punting.  Nick Harris punted 7 total times in this game and averaged a whopping 47.9 yards each time.

  • Speaking of the return game, Devale Ellis filled in for the injured Eddie Drummond and did a great job.  He had a 48 yard punt return in the first quarter, which was Detroit's longest of the season.  That return also set up a TD pass from Kitna to Campbell.

  • On the note of that touchdown, it was Dan Campbell's fourth of the season.  That gives him a new career-high for a single season.  For being a block-first type of tight end, Campbell has flourished in the passing game.

  • Jon Kitna may have had another rough fourth quarter that contributed to this loss, but his passing stats were through the rook.  Kitna finished 283 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a 60% completion rate.

  • With one game remaining, Jon Kitna stands to throw for over 4,000 yards on the season if he can get to the 100 yard mark.  That would be only the second time in Lions history that someone did throw for over 4,000.

  • Mike Furrey's 10 receptions set a new career-high for him.  He has 87 in total this season (most for a Lions receiver since 1997) and is knocking on the door for 1,000 yards receiving.